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First Hill Streetcar

The next stop for the Seattle Streetcar is the First Hill Streetcar Line! In November 2008, voters in the Puget Sound area approved “ST2,” the mass transit expansion plan for our region. This measure builds on the Sound Move plan approved in 1996 to expand light rail, commuter rail and express bus service in our region. The ST2 Plan includes funding for the First Hill Streetcar connector project, which links First Hill employment centers to the light rail system via connections on Capitol Hill and in the International District. Through an interlocal agreement, the City of Seattle will build this new streetcar line with funding provided through the mass transit expansion measure. The First Hill Streetcar will connect diverse and vibrant neighborhoods on Capitol Hill, First Hill, and in the Chinatown/International District, while serving medical centers (Harborview, Swedish, and Virginia Mason) and universities (Seattle Central Community College and Seattle University). Visit the Seattle Streetcar site for more information.

Seattle Streetcar Network Background

A Seattle Streetcar network would provide new urban mobility options that would enhance the city and regional transportation system while shaping and supporting continued economic growth. The network would serve and encourage a broad variety of work and non-work trip and greatly expand the ability to live and work without using an automobile in the areas it serves and connects. In December 2008, the Seattle City Council approved a resolution supporting streetcar network expansion and identifying the First Hill line and Central line as the top priorities for expansion. The two-mile First Hill line is fully funded, up to $120 M in 2007 dollars, through the voter-approved sales tax measure for Sound Transit expansion. The 2.5 mile First Avenue project is part of the package of transportation investments proposed by the City, State and County for the corridors and trips currently served by the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Check this page for project updates as these projects move in to development later in 2009.


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