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SODO Business Organization
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SODO Traffic

The SODO (South of Downtown) area of Seattle is vital to the economic growth of the City and the region. As a hub of business, industry and professional sports events, the district is rapidly growing and so, too, must the necessary infrastructure to accommodate that growth. Indeed, numerous transportation-related construction projects are in progress in the SODO area and many others are scheduled to break ground in the coming months and years. Navigating through the multitude of construction zones is much easier when you know what to expect in advance.

SODO Traffic was created to serve as a single source for gathering and publicizing up-to-the-minute construction-related traffic advisories for the more than 2,000 businesses, their 40,000 employees, and the thousands of vendors, visitors, freight and delivery services that travel in the SODO area everyday. Organized in the Spring of 2002, SODO Traffic is a partnership of private and public entities, many of which have current or planned construction projects that have the potential for impacting the flow of traffic in the area.

The SODO Traffic public and private partnership includes: Seattle Department of Transportation; Washington State Department of Transportation, Port of Seattle; Sound Transit; King County Metro; SODO Business Association; Washington State Public Stadium Authority; First and Goal; Seattle Mariners and South Downtown Foundation.

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