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About Seattle Department of Transportation

Accountability Agreement, 2007

Adopt-A-Street - 684-7647

The Adopt-A-Street program allows community groups to adopt stretches of Seattle streets to help keep Seattle clean of litter and graffiti. Seattle Public Utilities provides an adoption kit which includes two street signs for either direction of traffic, litter bags, tools on loan, and free litter bag hauling and disposal. In return, each group is responsible for four litter pickups per year.

Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall, SR 99 Project (Washington State DOT)

Alaskan Way Viaduct Emergency Traffic Management and Closure Plan

Alley Improvements

Annual Reports

Arborist - 615-0957

SDOT is a strong advocate for effective management of urban forest resources on City streets. The department combines educational and regulatory efforts to ensure proper planting, pruning and removal practices along City of Seattle streets. See Trees.

Art Plan

Arterial map

Arterial and Commercial Zone Traffic Concerns - 684-5106

Call us to investigate traffic problems, such as accidents, speeding, or lack of visibility on arterial or commercially zoned streets.

Arterial Safety Improvements - 2004

Arterial Street Paving - 2004

Asphalt Pedestrian Walkways - 684-5377

We install asphalt walkways in areas that need walkways the most. These are areas used heavily by children walking to school, or by elderly or disabled pedestrians.

Aurora Avenue North Improvements

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Ballard Bridge

Ballard Corridor Design Study

Ballard and West Seattle Transit Improvements

BAT Lanes:
Denny / Western / Elliott / 15th Avenue West

Battery Street Tunnel

Bicycle Information

Bicycle Program - 684-7583

Seattle consistently has been rated one of the top spots in the country for bicycling. SDOT's Bicycle Program has been working steadily toward developing an urban trail system to accommodate bicyclists.

Bridges and Roadway Structures

Bridges and Roadway Structures - 684-8325

SDOT operates and maintains over 150 bridges throughout Seattle, including four movable bridges.

Bridge Rehabilitation Projects


Bridging the Gap - In November, 2006, the voters of Seattle passed a $365 million levy for transportation maintenance and improvements. The levy proceeds, combined with a commercial parking tax and an employee hours tax, dramatically increase available funds for transportation capital projects and needed infrastructure maintenance. These three funding sources make up Bridging the Gap (BTG).

Budget - 2005-2006 Proposed Budget, Transportation
This link will take you to a PDF, Transportation information begins on the 23rd page of that file.

Budget - 2005 - 2010 Proposed Capital Improvement Program

Budget - SDOT 2005 Budget Message

Budget - Mayor's 2003-2004 Proposed Transportation Budget

Building Grade Elevation Online Tool
A simple-to-use web site for developers, applicants and owners to calculate and set their building grade elevations, and to work through the grade sheet process step-by-step for alternate access scenarios.

Burke-Gilman Trail

The Burke-Gilman Trail is one of the most heavily used bicycling facilities in Seattle. Learn about the history of Seattle's oldest and most popular trail, and about current projects for the trail.

Business - Doing business with SDOT

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Calendar - SDOT and Transportation Events Calendar

CAMs: Client Assistance Memos

2005 - 2010 Proposed Capital Improvement Program

Carpool Parking in Downtown Seattle - (206) 386-4648

Registered carpools qualify for discounted parking in specially designated areas throughout the City.

Car Smart Communities (Way to Go, Seattle)

Center City Circulation Report

Channelization - 684-7631

Sometimes we can make streets safer by redesigning the way we channel cars into lanes. We use curbs, stripes, buttons on the pavement, and other similar devices. Call us if you have concerns regarding channelization.

Chief Sealth Trail

Chip-Sealing in Seattle - 386-1218

Chip seal is an extremely cost efficient road surfacing product that economically provides a skid-resistant surface for almost one quarter of Seattle's nonarterial streets.

Chicanes - Neighborhood Traffic Control Program - 684-0353

Chicanes are a set of two or three curb bulbs that alternate from one side of the street to the other creating a one-lane segment of roadway.

Citizens' Transportation Advisory Committee Report

Tips, maps and links to help getting around Seattle.

Cleaning Public Street Areas

       Streets North of Ship Canal - 684-7508
       Streets South of Ship Canal - 386-1218

Our street maintenance crews clean and maintain city streets. Arterials with curbs are swept according to a schedule. Property owners are responsible for cleaning and maintaining unpaved alleys and sidewalks adjacent to their property. If you have a street cleaning concern, call us and tell us the exact location of the problem (address and side of the street). We'll investigate the problem. See Litter, Illegal Dumping, and Graffiti.

Commercial Vehicle Load Zones - 684-5086

Commercial Vehicle Load Zones (CVLZ) provide, on busy streets, a special parking space for service delivery vehicles to stop.

Community Identification Signs

We can make and install community identification signs if a community group can provide funding, such as through the Neighborhood Matching Fund program.

Community Meetings - SDOT Events Calendar

Community Notification for City Construction Projects: A Guide for Seattle's Elected Officials (PDF)

Commute Trip Reduction - 684-5017

The City of Seattle and SDOT encourage all commuters to use alternatives to driving alone to work.

Complete Streets Policy
Seattle’s Complete Streets policy is about creating and maintaining safe streets for everyone.  In 2007, the Seattle City Council passed Ordinance 122386, known as the Complete Streets ordinance, which directs Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to design streets for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and persons of all abilities, while promoting safe operation for all users, including freight.  This is the lens through which SDOT views our major maintenance and construction projects.

Construction and Road Work

City-Wide Planned Transportation Construction Map

Traveler's Information Map

Construction in Streets (Utility Coordination)

Seattle City Light Construction Notices

WSDOT Construction Update Report

Contact SDOT

Frequently Called Numbers - A handy printable list of contact phone numbers to call to talk to someone at the Seattle Department of Transportation.

Crosswalks (Repainting) - 684-7631

Call us if you know of an existing crosswalk that needs repainting.

Curb Bulbs - Neighborhood Traffic Control Program - 684-5377

We install curb ramps (wheelchair ramps) to make it easier to cross streets that have concrete curbs and sidewalks. We give priority to intersections with the greatest need.

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Denny / Western / Elliott / 15th Avenue West Paving Project

Destination Signs - 233-0033

We install, repair, and remove destination signs to tell motorists and bicyclists how to get to major public facilities and streets such as I-5, I-90, University of Washington, or a hospital.

Director's Rules - SDOT

Click here to see the list of SDOT Director's Rules.

Disabled Parking in the City of Seattle - 684-8415

The City of Seattle allows parking at no cost to holders of Disabled Parking Permits, which are issued by the State of Washington.

Divisions and Groups - SDOT

Drainage: 206-386-1800

Call Seattle Public Utilities to report street drainage problems. SPU maintenance crews clean street inlets and culverts and maintain ditches that serve street areas. Staff in SPU's Water Resource Management Division investigate persistent flooding problems.

Driver Guide, Rules and Laws in Washington - Washington State

Driving - Rules of the Road - Washington State

Driveway Markings

Seattle Municipal Codes about Driveway Markings and graphic drawing of a driveway marking.

Dutch Elm Disease

E Duwamish Waterway Bridge Rehabilitation Project

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E-mail Alerts

Employment at SDOT and the City of Seattle

WSDOT Engineering Publications Online Technical Manual Library

Events Calendar - SDOT

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Feedback Form - Web Site

SDOT appreciates your feedback and comments, and hope you can take a few minutes to fill out this form and let us know what you think about our website, if we have been of service to you, and if you have any suggestions for website improvements.

First Ave South (1st S.) Street Improvements

5th Avenue NE Improvements

Phinney Ave N / Fremont Ave N / N 50th Ave Arterial Improvements Project

Street improvements are coming to the 15th Avenue corridor; an essential transportation route for residents, commuters, and visitors to Ballard.
Traffic Signal at the 2700 Block of NE 45th Street

Flooding - see Drainage

Freight Access Project

Freight Advisory Board

Freight Mobility Program

Fremont Bridge

Phinney Ave N / Fremont Ave N / N 50th Ave Arterial Improvements Project

Frequently Asked Questions - SDOT

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Golden Gardens Drive Northwest Washout Repair Project

Grade Sheet Process - Building Grade Elevation Online Tool
A simple-to-use web site for developers, applicants and owners to calculate and set their building grade elevations, and to work through the grade sheet process step-by-step for alternate access scenarios.

Graffiti – Use the Graffiti Online Report Form or call the City’s Graffiti Report Line at (206) 684-7587 to report graffiti for removal on public property or graffiti that has not been removed from private property.

If you see an act of graffiti vandalism in progress, call 911 immediately.

Grant Projects - SDOT

Green Streets - Design Guidelines/Implementation Process for Designated Green Streets - SDOT Rule 93-4

Guardrails - 684-5512

We install guardrails where there are hazards near city streets. Call us for installation, removal, or maintenance of guardrails. Top of Page


Handicapped Parking - Disabled Parking in the City of Seattle - 684-8415

The City of Seattle allows parking at no cost to holders of Disabled Parking Permits, which are issued by the State of Washington.

Heritage Tree Program - 684-TREE

A cooperative program between the City of Seattle and PlantAmnesty to celebrate Seattle's Special Trees.

Highest Elevations / Steepest Streets in Seattle

Holiday Construction Moratorium

Husky Football Game Day Traffic Information

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Illegal Dumping - 684-PKUP (684-7587)

Report illegal dumping in your neighborhood and help your area be a clean, healthy, safe place to live and work. Seattle Public Utilities will send an illegal dumping field inspector to investigate the problem and get it cleaned up according to City of Seattle ordinances.

Illegal dumping on public property
It is considered illegal dumping when any junk, garbage or debris is left on public property—including roadsides, open streets, and paved alleys. To report problems on public property, use the Illegal Dumping Online Report Form or call the Illegal Dumping Report Line at (206) 684-7587.

Illegal dumping on private property
To report accumulation of junk storage, inoperable or junk cars parked in yards, or other types of stored materials on or around private property, contact the Department of Planning & Development's Code Compliance Division. Use the Code Violation Complaint Form or call the DPD Violation Complaint Line at (206) 615-0808.

Interurban Trail Project

The Interurban Trail is an evolving regional trail system that, when completed, will extend from Seattle to Everett.

Inventory - Seattle Department of Transportation

Inventory with most recent available information and manager contacts for those who wish to obtain more information about the SDOT inventory. Top of Page


South Jackson Improvement Project

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King Street Station

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Lake City Way Northeast Multi-modal

This is a joint project among SDOT, King County Metro, and the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Lake Washington Ship Canal Bridges

South Lander Grade Separation Project

Landscape Architect's Office - 684-5041

The Landscape Architect's Office provides Landscape Architectural design services for many of the City's capital improvement projects and reviews the design of landscaping for private developments.

Landscape Standard Plans


Call the Street Maintenance office to report a landslide. During business hours, call 386-1218 for slides south of Ship Canal; call 684-7508 for slides north of Ship Canal. After business hours, call 386-1218 for slides located anywhere within Seattle city limits.

Light Rail

Light Rail Station Area Planning

Linden Avenue North Complete Streets Project

Litter & Recycling Receptacles - (206) 615-1700

City of Seattle litter receptacles are located in the downtown area and in community business areas with lots of foot traffic. To report problems with public place litter or recycling cans, call the Seattle Public Utilities Hotline at (206) 615-1700.

Lower Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project

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Maintenance - see Street Maintenance and Paving

Maintenance - Transportation Major Maintenance, Response to Council Resolution 30204, Presented to City Council on May 15, 2001 (PDF format)

Arterial map

Mercer Corridor Project

Mission, Vision, and Core Principles of Seattle Department of Transportation

Montlake Bridge

Mountains to Sound Trail

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National Transportation Week - May 16 - 24, 2004

Neighborhood Cleanup - 684-0190

The Seattle Conservation Corps (SCC), a unit of the Department of Parks and Recreation, conducts yearly cleanups in Seattle neighborhoods. The SCC also assists community volunteers in cleaning private and public areas such as parks and vacant lots.

Neighborhood Matching Funds - 684-0464

The City of Seattle provides a pool of money each year to match contributions made by community organizations for neighborhood improvements. Typical street-related projects are traffic circles, banners, street-end parks, street tree planting and neighborhood identification signs. Call the City of Seattle's Department of Neighborhoods to learn more about these funds.

Highlights of SDOT Neighborhood Plan Implementation Projects for 2004 (PDF format)

Neighborhood Plan Implementation 2000-2001

Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) Projects

Neighborhood Traffic Control Program - 684-0353

The purpose of the NTCP is to reduce accidents and speeds on residential streets, thereby creating safer, more pleasant neighborhoods.


The latest transportation news releases and articles from SDOT, other regional jurisdictions and local media.

News - Local Media and News Release Links

Non-Arterial Street Chip Seal Program

North Waterfront Access Study

Northgate 5th Avenue NE Improvements

Northgate Coordinated Transportation Investment Plan

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Seattle's "One Less Car" Challenge

Over-legal Vehicles and Loads - 684-5086

All over-legal loads traveling within the City are required to obtain a special permit.


      Streets North of Ship Canal - 684-7508

      Streets South of Ship Canal - 386-1218

      Overgrowth on Private Property - 684-7899

Our crews cut overgrown grass and brush along city streets. The purpose is to alleviate sight hazards for motorists and to uncover fire hydrants and other utility features. Property owners are responsible for maintaining the planting strips on streets adjacent to private property and for cutting plant material growing from their property into sidewalk or street areas. The Department of Planning and Development instructs property owners to cut grass or prune overgrowth when needed.

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Painting (or Repainting) Street Pavement Markings - 684-7631


Parking in Seattle

Parking Services:

Pavement Condition Report

Pavement Opening and Restoration Rules

Paving - see Street Maintenance and Paving Programs

Paving Projects

Pedestrian Advisory Board - 684-5124

The Board advises the Mayor, City Council and all departments and offices of the City on matters related to pedestrians.

Pedestrian Program - 684-7583

SDOT's Pedestrian Program works to improve pedestrian safety, and to encourage more walking by providing the facilities needed to walk comfortably.

Pedestrian Master Plan

Permits and Publications

Permits and Publications - Street Use Home Page

Street Use Online Permitting

Permit Fees

Right-of-Way Improvements Manual

Street Tree Permits - 684-8733

Side Sewer Permits - 684-5253

Other Street Related Permits - 684-5253

The City requires a permit to make use of a public street. For example, a permit is required to plant a street tree, to install a sidewalk, or to hold a block party.

The Street Use Permit Counter is located on the 37th Floor of Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 5th Avenue. The hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, except Tuesdays, when the hours are 10:30 am - 4:30 pm.

Phinney Ave N / Fremont Ave N / N 50th Street Arterial Improvements Project

Plans - Records Vault - 684-5132

The Engineering Records Vault is an archive of City property information.

Posters - New Postering Legislation Adopted

Postering - Posting of temporary signs on City owned utility poles, lampposts, and traffic signposts in planting strips - SDOT Rule 02-02

Potholes and Other Minor Street Repairs

Pothole Rangers - A Better Way to Repair Potholes

      Repairs on Streets North of or on Denny Way - 684-7508

      Repairs on Streets South of Denny Way - 386-1218

Call us to report pot holes and other areas of damaged pavement. Give us the exact location, including address and side of street or intersection. You can also use our Street Maintenance Online Request Form to report potholes.

Potlatch Trail

The Potlatch Trail is envisioned to be a new bicycle and pedestrian connection linking five of Seattle's spectacular open spaces: Elliott Bay, Myrtle Edwards Park, Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle Center and South Lake Union.

Projects - see Construction

Private Property and Public Right of Way

Public Meetings - SDOT Events Calendar

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SDOT Quarterly Reports

Queen Anne Paving 2005-2006

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Records Vault - see Plans

Residential Parking Zones (RPZs)

Residential Parking Zone Program

      New RPZs - 684-5092

      Existing RPZs - 684-5086

Residential neighborhoods that suffer from excessive spill-over parking from nearby businesses and institutions may find relief by becoming a Residential Parking Zone. This is an area where curbside parking is restricted to residents who have special identification on their cars. Residents pay for this program by purchasing the identification. Call for a brochure to explain this process.

The Traffic Permits Counter (which includes RPZs) is located at Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 5th Avenue, 37th Floor, Seattle, WA 98104-5043. The hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Residential Street Traffic Concerns - 684-0353

If you are concerned about a traffic problem on a non-arterial street in a residential area, give us a call. We will look into the situation to see if traffic circles, signing, speedwatch, or similar measures would help on your street.

Resurfacing Projects - 2004

Retaining Walls - see Bridges.

Right-of-Way Improvements Manual

Right of Way Management Initiative

Rules of the Road - WA State

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Seattle Department of Transportation - Web Site Home Page

Seattle Seawall

Seattle Transit Plan

Segway/Scooter Ordinance


Sewer Backups and Odors - 386-1800

If your sewer or floor drain backs up because of an obstruction in the City's main line sewer, call Seattle Public Utilities. Also, call to report odor problems from sewers in your neighborhood.

Side Sewer Permit info

Sidewalk cafés - SDOT Rule 4-2011

Shoreline Street Ends


Want sidewalks for your neighborhood? Call (206) 684-WALK!

Sidewalks- 684-5253

Sidewalks are the maintenance responsibility of the abutting property owners in most cases. If you find a raised portion of the walk, call, with the address, and we will investigate and notify the property owner to make repairs. Property owners may install sidewalks or other improvements along streets adjacent to their property under a street use permit. See Permits and Publications.

Sidewalk and Street Pavement Opening and Restoration Rules

Sidewalk Obstructions

Cars obstructing sidewalks - call Seattle Police Department Parking Enforcement - 386-9012.

Scaffolding obstructing sidewalks - call Street Use - 684-5253.

      Street and Sidewalk Pavement Opening Policy

      Street and Sidewalk Pavement Opening Policy - PDF version

      See Private Property and Public Right of Way.

Sign Kiosks in the Proposed Right of Way

Signage - New Postering Legislation Adopted

Snow and Ice

SODO Business Organization

SODO Construction Coordination

SODO Traffic

Sound Transit Online (Regional Transit Authority)

Sound Transit - Light Rail is on its Way

South Jackson Improvement Project

South Lake Union

South Lake Union Parking Plan

South Lake Union Streetcar

South Lake Union Transportation Projects

South Lake Union Transportation Study

South Lander Grade Separation Project

Southeast Transportation Study (SETS)

Southeast Transportation Study Existing Conditions Report

Special Event Permits

Speed Bumps/Humps - 684-0353

Speed humps are paved mounds that extend the width of the street and are effective at reducing mid-block speeds and may reduce volumes.

Speed Watch Program - 684-0353

If you feel drivers are going too fast on your residential street, through our Speed Watch program you can investigate and get help in reminding drivers to slow down.

Spokane Street Swing Bridge

Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project

The goal of this project is to improve traffic safety and upgrade the structural and seismic performance of the viaduct that connects I-5 to the West Seattle High Level Bridge.

SR 519 Intermodal Access Project

The project will improve connections from I-90 to the ferry docks and Port of Seattle container terminals, enhance access to the sports and exhibition facilities in the area, and substantially reduce the conflicts between the railroad traffic and the vehicular traffic. Also see Washington State DOT Web Site.

Stairways and Stairway Maintenance Program
- scroll down

Standard Specifications

Standard Plans and Standard Specifications for Road, Bridge, and Municipal Construction.

Streetcar - Seattle Streetcar Website


Street and Sidewalk Pavement Opening Restoration Rules and Policy - see Sidewalks.

Street Classification Maps

Shoreline Street Ends

Street Lights - 625-3000

Call Seattle City Light regarding malfunctioning street lights or to request a new street light. Also, see Traffic Signals.
We install street name signs when it can be scheduled with other work. Call us if you have a concern regarding street name signs.

Street Maintenance and Paving - 386-1218

The Street Maintenance Division of Seattle Department of Transportation is responsible for keeping street pavement clean and in good repair. Use the Street Maintenance Online Request Form to report potholes and other minor street repairs.

Street Name Signs - 684-5087

Street and Sidewalk Pavement Opening and Restoration Rules

Street Sweeping - See Cleaning Public Street Areas.

Street Trees - 684-8733

Property owners may plant trees along the streets adjacent to their property. These must be appropriate for the site so they won't interfere with power lines, pedestrians, visibility of motorists, etc. Call us to have an inspector look at your site and issue you a free permit.

For more Street Tree links, see Trees.

Street Use and Permits
Street Use Permit Fees
Street Use Online Permitting

Street Utility Coordination

Street Vacations - 684-7564

Street Work

Call SDOT to learn the process for requesting a street vacation (changing a public street right-of-way to private property).

Summer Streets: Celebrate Seattle Summer Streets. Walk.Bike.Shop.Breathe.Play

Sylvan Way -- Closed for Private Construction Project

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Terry Avenue Street Design Guidelines

Traffic Cameras

An SDOT pilot project designed to serve the Seattle area by providing access to live webcam images focused on city arterials and intersections.

Traffic Circles - 684-0353

Traffic circles are raised areas surrounded by curbing and are located in the center of street intersections. They are often an effective method of controlling traffic on residential streets. When we receive a request for a traffic circle, we investigate the history of accidents and the speed and volume of traffic at the intersection. We give priority to the locations based on the results of our investigations.

Traffic Code Regulations - Bicycles
Traffic Code Regulations - Vehicles & Traffic

Traffic Control Manual

Traffic Flow Data Maps

Traffic Signals - 684-5118

Traffic Signals - Malfunctioning/Damaged Signals - 386-1206

We install several new traffic signals each year at locations with the highest need. We study each location carefully to determine if a signal is the best way to handle the traffic problem at that location and what kind of signal is needed.

Traffic Signal at the 2700 Block of NE 45th Street

Traffic Signs - 684-5106

Traffic Sign Repair or Replacement - 386-1206

If you want a traffic sign installed, repaired, or replaced, call us. This includes stop signs, pedestrian signs, and warning signs. We'll investigate the traffic problem you describe to see if a sign is the answer. (Also, see Street Name Signs, Destination Signs, and Community Identification Signs.)


Transportation Major Maintenance, Response to Council Resolution 30204, Presented to City Council on May 15, 2001 (PDF format)

Transportation Strategic Plan

The Transportation Strategic Plan is the the Citys guide for managing Seattles transportation system.



Tunnels in Seattle - See Bridges and Roadway Structures. Top of Page


UBIT - Under Bridge Inspection Trucks - See Bridges and Roadway Structures.

University Area Transportation Study

University Bridge

Urban Forestry Program - 233-7829

The Urban Forestry program's mission is to administer, maintain, protect, and expand the City's urban landscape in street right-of-ways for Seattle's residents and businesses so that environmental, aesthetic, and safety benefits are maximized.

Utility Coordination

Utility Cuts - Street and Sidewalk Pavement Opening Policy

Utility Cuts - Impact on Performance of Seattle Streets

Utility Poles - New Postering Legislation Adopted

UVTN Performance Monitoring and Implementation Project (Urban Village Transit Network)

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Values Statement for Seattle Department Of Transportation

Vessel Clearance - See Bridges and Roadway Structures.

Alaskan Way Viaduct Emergency Traffic Management and Closure Plan

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Way to Go, Seattle - 615-1550

Way to Go, Seattle is about people making smarter transportation choices - so they can save money and make their communities more livable, just as they do now with recycling and water conservation.

Weather Emergency Tips

From Seattle City Light, Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle Department of Transportation, and the Department of Planning and Development.


West Seattle Bridge Corridor Whitepaper

Ballard and West Seattle Transit Improvements

Winter Storm Information - See Snow and Ice.
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