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Traffic Management Center

The Traffic Management Center (TMC) is the hub where all of the City's traffic control systems are monitored. Currently located in the Municipal Building, the TMC allows the various components of traffic management (signals, control boxes, real time video and simulations) to be effectively managed by a team of traffic engineers who monitor and maintain signals throughout the city.

The City is in the process of constructing an "Enhanced" TMC (ETMC) in Seattle Municipal Tower. The ETMC will be able to fully integrate the most innovative aspects of our evolving ITS network. From the ETMC, staff will be able to control everything from signalized corridors to variable message signs, and will eventually be able to produce real-time traffic information that travelers can use to make the best travel decisions. The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) already has an effective system set up for the major highways to and from Seattle. Combining this existing information with information that the City will be able to provide through the ETMC will be essential in managing our transportation system of the future.

TMC Components

  • CCTV Connections to monitor intersections

  • Independent control and real-time monitoring of signalized corridors

  • Control of electronic messaging signs

If you have questions or comments about the City's Traffic Signal Program, call (206) 684-ROAD or send an e-mail to

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