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Safety Elves

SDOT's Holiday Pedestrian Safety Campaign

Getting the safety message out during the holiday hustle and bustle is challenging but important. To capture people’s attention Public Service Announcements, flash mobs, caroling and good old fashion postering are some of the many marketing tools used. Examples below.

2013 YouTube video

2013 Westlake Holiday Tree Advertisement Panel

2013 Poster 1 – English

2013 Poster 2 - English

2013 Poster 1 – Vietnamese

2013 Poster 2 – Vietnamese

2013 Poster 1 - Chinese

2013 Poster 2 - Chinese

Safety Elves Give the Gift of Safety

2012 Billboard Ad

2012 External Bus Ad

2012 Internal Bus Ad

2012 Poster 1

2012 Poster 2

2012 Radio Ad

2010 See You In the Crosswalk Public Service Announcement- Umbrella Flash Mob

2009 Safety Dance Public Service Announcement

These Carolers are Getting Figgy With It!

SDOT Safety Singers Figgy Pudding Lyrics



Postcard Front
Postcard Back

Bus Ad Inside

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