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SDOT's Holiday Pedestrian Safety Campaign: Safety Elves

This season the city is using a fun approach, Seattle Safety Elves, to address the serious issue of safety. Look for a team of safety elves dressed in bright neon color on the streets of Downtown reminding visitors, employees and residents to be super safe. The elves are not only visibly bright, but have bright personalities too. Continue reading to learn more about them. Pictures coming soon.

Sparkle – Sparkle is always happy no matter what happens on her commute. She wishes more people would take a deep breath when they get annoyed at other drivers, pedestrians or bicyclists - and instead, just smile like Sparkle. 

Snowflake – Snowflake’s winter hobby is reminding drivers and bicyclists to be careful and drive slow when there’s snow on the ground.

Candy Cane – Little known fact: the Bike Boxes around town were designed to mimic the design of a candy cane. Candy Cane gets all up in a twist when bicyclists who are following the rules aren’t respected.

Merry – Can we all just get along? Merry thinks so and his holiday cheer comes from watching people be respectful to each other on the road and being predictable.

Jolly – Jolly loves eggnog and other holiday drinks, but becomes less then jolly when people drink and drive. Don’t get Jolly upset; be safe, be responsible and have a designated driver.

Jingle – Jingle loves music, so much so that all she does is sing. Jingle gets sad though when people fidget with their ipods, radio tuner or cellphones while driving.  Leave the knobs alone, and sing your own tune!  (And you can hear her special safety jingle here!)

Sugar Cookie- Sugar Cookie never stops eating sugar cookies, except of course when he is driving! Sugar Cookie knows all those crumbs are a distraction and it isn’t safe to drive distracted. If sugar cookie can sacrifice his favorite thing in the world, he thinks other people should be able to give up texting while driving! 

Chilly – Chilly spends the holiday season warning pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers to watch out for his crazy cousin Icy! When the temperature falls below 32 degrees, Chilly knows to look out for black ice and leave more stopping space between him and the cars in front of him. When the snow falls, Chilly always shovels his sidewalk so it’s easy for elves to pass.

Glitzy – Every time someone speeds, Glitzy loses a piece of Glitter. Ensure Glitzy’s happiness (and survival!) by obeying all speed signs.

Red – Red’s favorite holiday past-time is watching people obey stop signs and red lights and slow down on yellow. Red always stops for pedestrians because it’s the law in Washington State and never passes a vehicle stopped at a crosswalk. She always assumes they are stopped for a pedestrian.

Twinkle Toes – Steps daintily into the crosswalk and always looks both ways first. Twinkle Toes never darts into traffic and makes sure to wear bright and reflective clothing when wandering the streets at night looking for lost reindeer and errant co-workers.

Buttons – Always waits for the pedestrian signal to change before crossing a busy street and never crosses once the countdown begins. Buttons also loves making sure her bike is all buttoned up and ready for winter weather – Tire pressure: Check!, Patch kit? Check! Lights? Check! Helmet? Check!


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