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SDOT’s 2012 Action Agenda is based on five core principals, and within that, Keeping It Safe is our number one priority. SDOT is working to eliminate serious injuries and fatalities on Seattle streets. We are committed to making our roads safe and comfortable for all people, whether you’re travelling by car, transit, bike, or as a pedestrian.

Road Safety Action Plan and Be Super Safe Seattle

In coordination with the Mayor’s Road Safety Summit held in 2011, SDOT and the Mayor’s Office worked with community and partner agencies to develop the Road Safety Action Plan (RSAP). The RSAP lays the foundation for how we will eliminate serious injury and fatality collisions by 2030.  

Throughout the RSAP, we stress the importance of an across-the-board behavior change for everyone who uses our streets and the development of a culture of empathy on our roads. The Action Plan focuses on designing and building safer streets, enforcing traffic safety laws, and ensuring the we all know how to travel safely. Through each of these strategies, we’ll evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts and make adjustments if needed.

We’ve also partnered with the Mayor’s Office on the Be Super Safe Seattle campaign – a dynamic educational outreach effort intended to encourage safe behaviors on our streets. Read more about the campaign and how you can be involved at

SDOT has partnered with AARP Seattle and KOMO Media to develop a public service campaign highlight important safety tips for drivers and pedestrians. Safety is SDOT’s top priority and one focus of our Be Super Safe campaign is pedestrian safety for older adults. Traffic data shows that people over age 50 are more vulnerable if involved in collisions. Check out the video below to learn more.

SDOT Safety Projects

Seattle Safety Projects

NE 65th St Vision Zero Project

SW Roxbury Street Road Safety Corridor Project

NE 75th Street Road Safety Corridor Project

Lake City Way Traffic Safety Project

Mercer Corridor Project

Aurora Traffic Safety Project

Rainier Traffic Safety Project

Holiday Pedestrian Safety Campaign

Neighborhood Traffic

Safe Routes to School

Neighborhood Greenways

Safety is an important component of every SDOT project. The reconstruction of Mercer Street is one of our largest projects and will improve six of our highest crash intersections.

We’ve also been working on a number of corridor-specific safety improvement efforts, including work on Aurora, on Rainier, and through the Center City Holiday Pedestrian Safety Campaign. These projects often include a combination of smaller infrastructure changes as well as transportation safety outreach and enforcement. Some of our best safety results were realized in the Nickerson Street Project where crashes were reduced by 23%, and the Aurora Traffic Safety Project where serious injury and fatal collisions were reduced by 28%!

Beyond our corridor work, SDOT’s Safe Routes to School program improves walking and bicycling safety near Seattle schools and provides critical traffic safety education for some of our city’s youngest travelers.

Our newest safety initiative, Neighborhood Greenways, involves improving neighborhood streets to make these roads easier for people of all ages and abilities to travel throughout our neighborhoods.

Visit our program pages to learn more about SDOT’s efforts to improve safety for pedestrians, people who bike, and freight operators.

Neighbors for Road Safety

Each of Seattle’s neighborhoods has unique challenges in ensuring safer streets and SDOT would like to work with you to achieve our mutual safety goals. Neighbors for Road Safety is a community-based effort to improve safety on our streets  by raising awareness about local traffic issues, by increasing knowledge of how our roadways work, and by providing neighborhoods with the tools needed to address road safety issues.

Working directly with SDOT, participants can expect to:

  • Learn about collision hotspots in their neighborhood and the factors that contribute to crashes
  • Receive monthly communications about road safety issues
  • Learn more about the rules of the road and new roadway features
  • Learn how to improve safety in your neighborhood through engineering, enforcements, and education efforts
  • Receive tips on the best ways to Be Super Safe on our roadways
Click here to learn more

Super Safe Comic Series

Click to downloadOn Friday, March 1 the City of Seattle launches the first edition of the Super Safe comic series in conjunction with the Emerald City Comicon (March 1 – 3, Washington State Convention Center).

The comic is being released as part of the City’s Road Safety Action Plan and Be Super Safe Seattle campaign initiated by Mayor McGinn to eliminate fatal and serious injury collisions on our streets. Containing stories, tips and information about the three leading contributing factors in fatal collisions in Seattle – speeding, distraction and impairment – the comic is targeted at young male drivers.  Collision data clearly indicates that young men ages 16 to 30 are involved in serious collisions far too often. In Washington State,

  • 85 percent of drivers killed in collisions involving speeding were males with 56 percent of those individuals under the age of 30,
  • 77 percent of drivers killed in collisions involving distraction were males with nearly 40 percent of those drivers under age 30, and
  • Males were driving in 83 percent of all fatal collisions involving impairment with 42 percent of those drivers between the ages of 16 to 30.

The comic book format is being used in an effort to connect with this demographic group that is notoriously difficult to reach.  The first 3000 visitors at Comicon will receive a copy of the comic and banners containing safety messages will be placed throughout the Convention Center.  Hardcopies of the comic will be distributed at driving schools, pediatrician and medical offices, as well as schools and community centers throughout the city.  Digital versions will be distributed through social media and our website:

Local artists James Klauser, Billy S. Patton, and Erik Thompson from Bullseye Creative are responsible for creating the vibrant, eye-catching comic art.  

This work is just one piece of the City’s larger effort to improve traffic safety for all. Our Road Safety Action Plan outlines the traffic safety issues we’re targeting and identifies specific countermeasures that the city is currently implementing to combat these issues. This includes increased enforcement patrols, roadway improvements, and educational outreach.  Education is a critical component of this work since the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 90 percent of all collisions can be attributed to behavioral issues like speeding, distraction, or impairment.

SDOT Safety Data

Annually, SDOT completes a report on traffic and collision trends. This Traffic Report guides our safety work and provides valuable information on where and why collisions occur. This report also serves as a valuable tool in measuring the success of safety enhancements.  

As the City and our partners implement the Road Safety Action Plan, we will track our progress through the Annual Traffic Report.

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Do you still have questions about travelling safely in Seattle? Visit our FAQ Page for more information!
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