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SW Roxbury Street Road Safety Corridor Project
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SW Roxbury Street Road Safety Corridor Project


Construction Notice/ Notificación de la Construcción

The City of Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has issued a Determination of Non-significance (DNS) in accordance with the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) for the Vision Zero SW Roxbury Street Safety Corridor Project. The project will re-channelize SW Roxbury Street between 17th Avenue SW and 35th Avenue SW.  Re-channelized road sections will have one lane of travel in each direction and a center turn lane. On SW Roxbury Street  SDOT will repave two blocks, install curb ramps, upgrade existing push buttons with new accessible pedestrian signal (APS) style push buttons at 17th Ave SW, paint existing curbs, install new signs, and install transit lanes.  Traffic signal heads and in-pavement vehicle detections will be adjusted for the new lane alignments.  Signals will be synchronized for reduced speed limits. 

Comment Deadline: 5 P.M., Friday, August 14, 2015. 

Appeal Deadline: 5 P.M., Friday, August 21, 2015. The DNS, SEPA Checklist and supporting information may be examined in the Seattle Department of Planning and Development Public Resource Center at 700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2000, Seattle 98104, at the Southwest Branch of the Seattle Public Library located at 9010 35th Ave. S.W Seattle, WA 98126 at the High Point Branch of the Seattle Public Library located at 3411 S.W. Raymond St., Seattle, WA 98126.  Documents can be downloaded in the link below:

Learn more about this project by reviewing the fact sheet or by viewing our presentation

Responding to concerns raised by residents and local community councils, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is launching a collaborative process to review roadway conditions along SW Roxbury Street. As safety is our number one priority, we are committed to improving safety for all users of the transportation system by reducing speeding and the number of collisions on our streets.

SDOT will work with the community to consider changes to these streets in an effort to bring down speeds and make the roadway safer for students, neighbors and all roadway users. Together we will determine the specific nature and design elements of these changes through the process described below. New safety measures to be considered through this project may include, but not be limited to, the following: signage improvements, arterial traffic calming, channelization changes, traffic signal modifications, pavement repair, and pedestrian and bicycle safety enhancements.

Since collision data tells us that the majority of collisions are caused by behavioral issues such as speeding, distraction, and impairment (driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs), we will pair roadway modifications with new enforcement strategies and area-specific educational outreach.

Early Implementation

The Seattle Department of Transportation will be moving forward with some improvements in the second quarter of 2014. Early work will include:

  • Pavement repair on SW Roxbury Street between 25th Avenue SW and 27th Avenue SW – Summer/Fall 2014
  • Photo enforcement installation at Roxhill Elementary (at 30th Avenue SW) and Holy Family School (at 20th Avenue SW) – Installation Complete
  • Signage improvements near the transition from SW Roxbury Street to Olson Place SW – Signage installation complete
  • New sidewalks and pedestrian facilities on 30th Avenue SW south of Roxbury (currently under construction) - Complete

Get Involved

A series of community meetings have been scheduled to listen to community concerns, share traffic data, and develop strategies to lower vehicle speeds and reduce collisions. These meetings are open to the general public and all are welcome. 

Issue Identification Meetings – February-March 2014

Purpose: Review existing conditions and traffic data, discuss toolbox of potential improvements, and hear concerns and ideas from residents

Here’s what we heard at our Issue Identification meetings:

  • Improve the pedestrian environment along the entire corridor – provide curb ramps, additional crosswalks and/or signals, a buffer between vehicles and pedestrians, and install/improve sidewalks

  • Reduce the number of travel lanes on the western portion of the corridor to encourage slower vehicular speeds and improve pedestrian safety (especially near Roxhill Elementary and Holy Family School)

  • Reduce speeding on the entire corridor by adding radar speed signs (“Your Speed” signs) and increasing the number of speed limit signs

  • Create a consistent speed limit for the Roxbury corridor (speed limit is 30 mph on the western segment and 35 mph on the eastern segment)
    Review operations at 8th Ave SW and Roxbury and consider adding intersection guidelines, turn signals, and turn restrictions

  • Consider signal modifications at 16th Ave SW/Delridge and Roxbury to improve pedestrian safety

  • Address safety at 26th Avenue SW and SW Roxbury Street – add left turn pockets, left turn signals, and improve the crossing for pedestrians

  • Review signal operations at 35th Ave SW and Roxbury to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety

  • Address pavement conditions in several locations

  • Reduce speeds and collisions at the intersection of Roxbury, 4th Ave SW and Olson Pl SW

Conceptual Designs – March-July 2014

SDOT will synthesize community input and define roadway improvement alternatives based on community input and traffic data

Design Alternatives Review Meetings – July 2014

Initial outreach and corridor evaluation efforts are complete. Join us at these meetings where we’ll share conceptual improvement options and seek additional feedback from the community

Final Decisions

Preferred alternative determination in Fall 2014 after additional outreach to local businesses

Implementation – August 2014 and beyond

  • Short-term improvements, such as changes to signs and pavement markings, will begin
  • Design for civil improvements will begin with construction/installation in 2015
  • SDOT will develop a funding strategy for longer term improvements

Ongoing – Evaluation

  • Seek and respond to community feedback
  • Collect and evaluate speed, volume and collision data at one-year intervals
  • Make adjustments if needed

Stay Connected

The Seattle Department of Transportation is dedicated to providing frequent and timely updates throughout the process. Subscribe to email alerts to receive the latest information including public comments, recommendations, and meeting announcements.

If you have questions or would like to share your perspective on SW Roxbury Street, please contact Jim Curtin at 206-684-8874 or via e-mail at

SW Roxbury Street near 26th Avenue SW – March 1961

SW Roxbury Street west of 26th Avenue SW – 2011

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