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Chapter 2
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Procedures, Permitting Process and Approvals for Right-of-Way Improvements
2.15 Contact Information

Department of Neighborhoods (DON) Landmarks Certificate of Approval

(206) 684-0228

Department of Planning and Development (DPD)


DPD Applicant Services Center and Permit Specialists

(206) 684-8850

DPD Drainage and Sewer Review Staff

(206) 684-5362

DPD Land Use Planner

(206) 684-8850

DPD Public Resource Center
Seattle Municipal Tower
700 5th Avenue, 20th Floor

(206) 684-8467

DPD Site Development Staff

(206) 684-8850

DPD Transportation Impact Analysis and
Parking Demand Studies

(206) 684-5837

King County Waste Discharge Permits

(206) 684-3001

Seattle City Light (SCL) Engineering Services

  • Residential and Commercial Customers:
      - North of Denny Way
      - South of Denny Way



(206) 615 0600
(206) 386-4200

Large commercial and Industrial Customer

(206) 233-7177

SCL Distribution Design Office for
Pole Attachments

(206) 233-2777

SCL Real Estate Services Division for
Wireless Antenna Attachments

(206) 684-3324

SDOT Arborist’s Office

(206) 684-TREE (8733)

SDOT Shorelines Street Ends Program

(206) 684-5283

SDOT Street and Alley Vacations

(206) 684-7564

SDOT Street Use Division

(206) 684-5283

SDOT Street Use Permit Counter
Seattle Municipal Tower
700 5th Avenue, Suite 3700 (23rd Floor)

(206) 684-5253

SDOT Street Use Utility Permit Specialist

(206) 684-5193

SDOT Urban Forestry Office

(206) 684-TREE (8733)

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU)
General Information

(206) 684-3000

Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR)

(206) 233-7935 

SPR Design Standards

(206) 233-7920

SPR Property Management Unit

(206) 233-7935

Utility Underground Location Center and
One Number Locator Service Hotline

(800) 424-5555


Additional contact information and resources are located in the City of Seattle Staff Directory, which is searchable by Department, Division and individual staff.

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Detailed Table of Contents
Chapter 2
Procedures, Permitting Process and Approvals for Right-of-Way Improvements
2.1 Navigating the City of Seattle Permit Process
2.2 Street Right-of-Way Permits
2.3 Street Improvement Permits Group 3 permits
2.4 Other Street Use Construction Permits Groups 1 and 2
2.5 Right-of-Way Use Permits
2.6 Shoring and Excavation Permits
2.7 Utility Permits
2.8 Non-Construction Permits
2.9 Street Trees and Landscaping Permits
2.10 Other Street Right-of-Way Improvement Activities
2.11 Deviation Request Process for Street Right-of-Way Improvements
2.12 Environmental Review and Approvals
2.13 King County Permits and Approvals
2.14 State and Federal Permits and Approvals
2.15 Contact Information
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