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Mayor's 2003-2004 Proposed Transportation Budget

Seattle Department of Transportation Director Grace Crunican presented the following overview of Mayor Nickel's 2003-2004 proposed transportation budget to City Council on September 27. This budget reflects the mayor's directive to do more with department resources by conducting work more efficiently and cost effectively. In spite of a nine percent cut in SDOT's general fund dollars, SDOT's budget is focused on providing more services to Seattle residents. The budget will produce transportation solutions for Seattle that get back to basics, make it easier to get around and shape the future.

Highlights from the mayor's 2003-2004 Proposed Budget include:

  • Continuing to fund the Pothole Rangers program. The Pothole Rangers have filled more than 1,200 potholes since the program was started in January.

  • Completing approximately 10 bike trail connections in Seattle's bike trail system over the next two years, thereby linking dozens of neighborhoods that previously lacked access to the city's extensive bike path network.

  • Improving the timing on more than 200 signals to reduce unnecessary delays at stoplights.

  • Completing the installation of approximately 20 cameras on major roadways with live feeds to the Seattle Department of Transportation Website to help drivers avoid bottlenecks or accident-related congestion.

  • Providing better signage in major freight corridors to help businesses get their shipments faster.

  • Investing $5 million to begin an environmental impact study and design work on the Alaskan Way Viaduct and seawall.

  • Continuing the City's aggressive program to provide better signage near schools so that children walking to and from their neighborhood school will be safer. The mayor's budget matches the 800 new signs erected on residential streets this year with 800 more.

  • Constructing 80 blocks of new sidewalks.

  • Securing county and federal dollars to bring express bus service to Aurora Avenue.

  • Pursuing $70 million in regional funds to help reduce the Mercer mess.

Should you have any questions regarding the proposed budget, please contact Steve Viney at 206-684-4158 or

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