Traffic Calming

Under the Seattle Municipal Code, the speed limit on our non-arterial streets is 20 mph. Most people travel under the speed limit when the street is 25 feet wide and there is parking on both sides.
When there is no curb, cars park on the planting area and traveling vehicles tend to go faster. Consequently, SDOT focuses traffic calming funds on streets that have no curbs. Other considerations for prioritization are areas around schools, parks and/or other pedestrian generators.

Residents in any area of the City may still pursue traffic calming. The funding for actual devices is possible through Other Funding Sources. A variety of traffic calming devices can be seen in the Engineering Toolkit. The following measures focus on bringing the community together to raise awareness and educate drivers that they are in a neighborhood where there is a strong desire for them to drive responsibly.

Radar Gun

Speed WatchYou can borrow a radar gun from your nearest Customer Service Centers to determine typical speeds vehicles travel. When you go in to pick up the radar gun, you will receive instruction on its use. Most people who borrow the radar gun find that there is not a speeding problem on their street. SDOT defines a speeding problem as 15% or more of the traffic is going five miles over the speed limit.