Safe Routes to School 5-Year Action Plan

Safe Routes to School 5-Year Action Plan

As part of Vision Zero, the City's plan to end traffic deaths and serious injuries by 2030, we developed the Safe Routes to School 5-Year Action Plan to improve safety on our streets near schools.

Our plan recommends specific, near-term actions:


Ensure that everyone learns how to travel safely


Promote walking and biking in the school community


Design streets for safety and predictability


Enforce traffic safety laws and target risky behaviors


Track progress toward our shared safety goals


Provide resources to school champions

The Action Plan guides our investments by ranking all public and most private schools in Seattle. The rankings are based on where people walking or biking have had collisions, the races and ethnicities of students at each school, and numerical scores from the Pedestrian Master Plan that measure how inviting the streets around each school are for walking.

For more detail, view the Safe Routes to School Action Plan Prioritization Process. To see how your school ranks, view the School Rankings for Walkway Projects and Crosswalk Projects.

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