Parklets and Streateries

What We Do

Parklets and streateries convert a few on-street parking spots into open spaces for all Seattleites to enjoy. Parklets are open for public use 24 hours a day, while streateries provide additional space for restaurants to serve customers during their hours of operation. Parklets and streateries are privately funded and maintained spaces that activate streets, create more vibrant neighborhoods, and support economic and social vitality. Both types of installations are cost-effective tools for increasing open space within Seattle’s business districts, and add to the vitality of neighborhoods, in Seattle and around the world. Among other services, we:

  • Provide guidance through the parklet and streatery design process
  • Educate people on the permitting process for parklets and streateries

What's New

We recently completed a new analysis of parklet and streatery usage and their community impacts. The analysis looks at metrics such as how often parklets are used, community perception of the spaces, their economic impact, and how transportation habits change after parklets or streateries are installed.

Download Parklet and Streatery Program Goals and Successes

Program Goals

The Parklets and Streateries Program seeks to:

  • Provide safe, comfortable, and useful public spaces within the right of way
  • Activate Seattle’s streets through unique, community-driven projects
  • Supply new spaces for community interaction
  • Support local businesses and promote economic vitality in commercial districts
  • Encourage walking, biking, and use of transit


Use the map below to explore existing parklets and streateries.


Program Guides

These three documents explain everything you need to know to get your project rolling:

The Parklet HandbookThe Parklet Handbook
The Parklet Handbook is the starting place for any parklet or streatery project. The handbook details the application process, as well as all requirements for designing, permitting, building, and maintaining your parklet or streatery. It also includes expected timelines for each phase of the project, estimated costs, and tips for assembling a project team and funding your parklet or streatery.

Streatery SupplementStreatery Supplement
Because streateries operate differently than parklets, they are subject to a few additional requirements. The Streatery Supplement is a companion to the Parklet Handbook, and outlines different and additional requirements. Before reading the Streatery Supplement, we recommend that you first review the Parklet Handbook to familiarize yourself with the permitting process.

Forms & Examples SupplementForms & Examples Supplement
This supplement to the Parklet Handbook provides all the forms you’ll need to complete during the parklet and streatery process. Here, you’ll also find examples of previously-submitted parklet applications, concept designs, and construction documents.

Still have questions? Download our FAQ.

Apply for a Parklet or Streatery Permit

You may download a parklet or streatery permit application on our parklets and streateries permit page.

Parklet and streatery projects can be costly to design, permit, and construct. However, parklet hosts are often able to find outside funding sources and donated services and materials for their projects. If you’re concerned about the expense of building a parklet or streatery, we can help connect you with a number of funding resources to reduce costs. We generally recommend considering available city grants, crowdfunding websites, volunteer services, and partnerships with other organizations to get your project rolling.

Click here to view recently submitted and approved parklet and streatery applications. The downloadable Excel spreadsheet is updated every Monday and Thursday afternoon.

Public notices of these applications have been mailed to all street-level business entities, public entities, and residences within 200 feet of the proposed parklet or streatery location. A copy of the public notice has also been posted at each proposed parklet or streatery site in locations visible from the adjacent sidewalk, and it will remain posted during the two-week public comment period. The notice form includes detailed information on the proposed parklet or streatery, comment period dates, and an explanation of how the public can comment on the pending application and request a review or reconsideration of a permit decision.

Written comments concerning Street Use permit applications must be postmarked or emailed to SDOT no later than 10 business days after the first day of the public notice period.

Please submit your comments by sending a letter or email to:

Seattle Department of Transportation
Attn: Public Space Management Program
PO Box 34996
Seattle, WA 98124-4996


Please include the permit number, your name and contact information, and the specific reason for your comment concerning an application.

After a public notice period has ended, SDOT will decide to approve, modify, or deny a Street Use permit application. Any person may request a review or reconsideration of a decision made by SDOT. This written request must be sent to the SDOT Director within 10 calendar days of the date of the SDOT decision (SMC 15.04.112). The request must identify the decision for which review or reconsideration is requested, grounds for objecting to the decision based on City standards, and the specific remedy being proposed. The Director will designate a review officer who will make a recommendation to the Director. The Director may, at his or her discretion, stay implementation of a decision pending review or reconsideration. The Director’s decision on review or reconsideration is final.

A request for review or reconsideration should be submitted to:

Director of Transportation
Seattle Department of Transportation
700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3800
PO Box 34996
Seattle, WA 98124-4996

With a copy sent to:

Division Director
Street Use
700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2300
PO Box 34996
Seattle, WA 98124-4996

In addition, please submit a copy of your request via email to our Public Space Management group at

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