Georgetown Arterial Paving Project

What's happening now?

Construction is now underway! As of August 14, crews began preliminary work to repave S Michigan St, a few blocks of Corson Ave S, and one block of S Bailey St. The project is expected to take 3-4 months to complete.

Through early September, crews are working to install storm drains along S Michigan St and Corson Ave S. This requires demolition of existing asphalt and temporary closure of several intersections.

To accommodate this work, detours will be in place to maintain access to businesses. Additionally, a single westbound lane closure is also currently in effect on S Michigan St between 4th Ave S and 7th Ave S. At this time, vehicles traveling westbound on S Michigan St are encouraged to use the center turn lane during times of increased traffic congestion.

Sidewalk and curb ramp improvements are expected to begin mid-September, followed by roadway repairs. Crews will complete all storm drain repairs before returning through the corridor to complete sidewalk and curb ramp repairs, expected to begin in mid-September. Once storm drains, new sidewalks, and new curb ramps are installed, crews will then return through the corridor to demolish, repair, and repave the roadway, expected to begin as early as late September. This work is weather-dependent and subject to change.

Please note we anticipate weekend work beginning in September. Information about night and weekend work, along with other project updates, will be shared in advance through weekly project email updates. To get the latest information, please sign up for email updates.

Project overview

S Michigan St, along with several blocks of Corson Ave S and a block of S Bailey St, are all heavily traveled roadways in the Georgetown community that are showing the wear and tear of use. The potholes and cracks in the pavement are such that we will soon begin repaving the following streets:

  • S Michigan St from 4th Ave S to Corson Ave S
  • Corson Ave S from S Michigan St to S Orcas St
  • S Bailey St from Corson Ave S to Carleton Ave S

Before beginning roadway repairs, crews will also install new storm drains where water currently ponds in the road, then replace sidewalks as well as curb ramps compliant with current federal Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act standards at certain intersections and locations throughout the project corridor.

Once these improvements are made, the roadway will be repaired and repaved. Crews will grind off a 2-inch deep layer of the existing asphalt and then evaluate the underlying road base for any additional needed repairs to make sure the road can better withstand the weight of heavy trucks that regularly traverse these streets. When base repairs have been completed, a new 2-inch layer of asphalt will be applied. After paving, crews will also restripe all existing lane markings and crosswalks. In general, crews will work west to east in the project corridor.

Georgetown Arterial paving area

Construction Overview

Street paving includes "mill and overlay" work with some road base repair in select locations. We don't expect that construction will require the full closure of S Michigan St, Corson Ave S, or S Bailey St, although some side streets may be closed for short periods and lane closures are anticipated, which is likely to cause congestion. Additionally, sidewalks will remain open, although certain sections and corners with new curb ramps may be closed for installation. In such cases, signed detours will direct people walking.

In general, crews will work west to east in the project corridor. As much as possible, crews will work weekdays 7 AM - 5 PM; however, to accommodate heavy daytime traffic volumes, work will also occur during some nights and/or weekends. We will provide advanced notice for any night or weekend work. Please note work hours are subject to change based on the contractor's schedule and other factors. Crews will do their best to maximize efficiency and reduce individual impacts as much as possible.


Construction began on August 14 and is expected to take approximately 3-4 months to complete. We will update this page as construction progresses.


The project budget is $3.1 million (including design & construction). It is funded by the Levy to Move Seattle, a 9-year levy for transportation that provides funding to take care of the basics, while also investing in the future with improvements to move more people and goods in and around the growing Seattle.


Contact Information

We're committed to keeping you informed and working with neighbors to limit construction impacts to the extent feasible. Here are some ways to get more information about the project:

  • Subscribe for project email updates by using the form above
  • Contact us directly with questions about the project at or call at (206) 727-3669 (voicemail line)
  • Request a briefing for your business or organization (contact us via phone or email)

Community Outreach Lead
Paul Elliott

Project Manager
Brian Glas

Georgetown Arterial Paving Project

Other SDOT projects in the area

Crews working on a separate project have been upgrading traffic signals over the past couple of months at:

  • E Marginal Way and S Michigan St
  • 4th Ave S and S Michigan St
  • 5th Place S and S Michigan St
  • Corson Ave S and S Michigan St
  • S Bailey St and Carleton Ave S

These upgraded signals are part of SDOT's ongoing efforts to incorporate advanced technologies (known as Intelligent Transportation Systems) throughout the City, and also include the addition of new traffic cameras at 6th Ave S and S Michigan St and at Carleton Ave S and S Bailey St.

These cameras are in addition to 3 already operational along S Michigan St. The cameras provide real-time information about traffic conditions, and are publicly available online, enabling you to assess road conditions before leaving home or work. The same views provide critical information to SDOT to assess road conditions at any given time.

Updated: 8/24/2017