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University Area Transportation Study
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Transportation Problems

University Area Transportation Study

Transportation Problems

Based on information from previous studies, modeling of the transportation system in the area, and input received from public agency staff and citizens, the project team has identified the most significant transportation problems in the area.

Maps summarizing transportation problems in the area:

Map of Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Problems (PDF - 26KB)
Map of Transit Problems (PDF - 25KB)
Map of Roadway Problems (PDF - 25KB)

(The above files are in PDF format. PDF files can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Download the free Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website.)

At the Open House, staff distributed a list of Potential Transportation Improvements to Evaluate in the University Area Transportation Study. City staff have developed this extensive list from various transportation studies and plans as well as from comments heard in various community meetings held over the last few months (including the Bicycle/Pedestrian working group and the University District Parking Workgroup). The list is very preliminary, and the projects will be evaluated much further this summer and fall. The list is divided into general transportation categories:

  1. HOV Facilities
  2. Intersections
  3. Road Facilities
  4. Parking Management
  5. Transportation Demand Management
  6. Transit Facilities
  7. Transit Routes
  8. Neighborhood Traffic
  9. Bicycle Access (general bicycling projects)
  10. East-West Bicycle and Pedestrian Corridors
  11. Bicycle And Pedestrian Improvements Over I-5, in the Montlake Area, From U-Village to the U-District, and in the University Bridge area.
  12. North-South Bicycle Corridors
  13. Pedestrian Safety
  14. Pedestrian/Bicycle Crossings and Signals

Transportation Improvements List (Excel)

A caution about the projects on the list: Some are very capital-intensive; some are policy changes; some are well-defined; some need much more clarity; some could be fatally-flawed; some could be unnecessary given the current and future transportation and land use conditions in the University Area; and some recommendations overlap or conflict with each other. Staff are providing this list so that you can help us shape the development of the final improvements list.

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