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University Area Transportation Study
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University Area Transportation Study


The City project team has reviewed and summarized the results of the extensive transportation planning work conducted in the area since 1985. Many of the results and recommendations of these prior studies will be carried forward in the UATS.

Summary of Historical Review:

A Review of Previous Transportation Studies - University Area Transportation Study (25KB)
Appendix A - Existing Transportation Studies Reviewed (11KB)
Appendix B - A List of Transportation Improvement Projects Identified in the Previous Studies (97KB)

For the June Open House, a great deal of transportation information was compiled into a series of boards:

Roadway Intersection Problem Areas (25KB)
Transit Problem Areas (27KB)
Pedestrian and Bicycle Problem Areas (29KB)

Average Roadway Speeds and Level of Service (LOS) (25KB)
Transit Service - Local Connections (18KB)
Transit Service - Regional Connections (19KB)
Pedestrian Volumes Map (27KB)

Roadway Improvement Concepts (26KB)
Transit Improvement Concepts (26KB)
Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvement Concepts (26KB)

The above file is in PDF format. PDF files can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Download the free Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website.

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