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Station Planning 1998-2001
Background Report
City Council Actions
Market Analysis of the Southeast Corridor
Station Area Planning by Neighborhood
Resources and Publications
Development Studies
Transit-Oriented Development Case Studies

Policy, Planning, & Major Projects
Station Area Planning - Resources and Publications

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Station Area Planning Reports

Station Area Planning Atlas, January 1999
Transit-Oriented Development Case Studies
Station Area Planning Background Report
Light Rail Safety Report, March 1999
Developer Perspectives on TOD
Sound Transit New Starts Reports
Neighborhood Parking Study, February 1999
RFP for Consultant Services

Outreach Materials

Land Use Information Station Area Overlay District (SAOD) Explanation Boards Original Proposal March 2001
How Land Use Regulations Work
SAOD Revisions April 2001
Legislative Schedule, May 2001
SAOD Revisions, June 2001

Proposed Land Use Legislation for each Station Area, February 2001

Edmunds/Columbia City
Beacon Hill
First Hill
Capitol Hill
University District

Explanation of Zoning in Southeast Seattle, June 2000
Capitol Hill Zoning Analysis, April 2000

Transit-Oriented Development Information

TOD Explanation Boards

Planning Framework
Planning Schedule
SAP Context
TOD Components
TOD Concepts
TOD Land Use
TOD Opportunity Sites
TOD Profile Summary Chart
TOD Profiles

TOD Factsheet
TOD Glossary Flyer for Washington DC Visit
Community Flyer
Stakeholder Presentation Script on TOD

SAP Initiatives

Henderson Streetscape Description
McClellan Town Center Flyer, June 2000
McClellan Town Center Update, September 2000
McClellan Town Center Model, November 2000
First Hill Briefing Brochure, September 1999
Roosevelt Design & Development Work Session Report, November 2000
Northgate LINK Environmental Review

Newsletters/Update Brochures

Southeast Newsletter, 1999
Southeast Newsletter, 2000
Central Newsletter, 1999
Central Newsletter, 2000
University Newsletter, 1999
University Newsletter, 2000
Northgate & Roosevelt Newsletter, 2000

SAP Update Brochure, 1998
SAP Update Brochure, Spring 1999
SAP Update Brochure, Fall 1999

PowerPoint Presentations

Mayor's Briefing on SAP, February 2000
Council Briefing on SAP, September 1999
Northgate Interagency Coordination Presentation, July 2001
Transit-Oriented Development Presentation, September 2000
SAP Kickoff Community Presentation, 1998
Capitol Hill & First Hill D&DWS Forum, July 1999
Capitol Hill & First Hill D&DWS Report Out, August 1999

Closeout Products

SAP Closeout Report

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