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Mercer Corridor Project Overview
Mercer West Dexter to 5th Avenue W
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Mercer Corridor

Fairview to Dexter: Public and Agency Participation

The Mercer Corridor project is the result of a coordinated planning process that incorporated involvement of a variety of community stakeholders. As a result of public and stakeholder comments, technical analysis and guidance from the Seattle City Council, the Two-Way Mercer Alternative was identified as the City’s preferred alternative. During the environmental process, which met both state and federal requirements, an independent Mercer Corridor Stakeholder Committee comprised of 42 individuals met 15 times and reached consensus on a package of recommendations for the Mercer Corridor. In addition, over 50 events, or briefings between 2004 and 2009 have been held to present information and receive feedback. Click here to see a log of these events.


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