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Upcoming building demolition and site preparation work

Seattle City Council recently provided authorization for SDOT to move forward with early building demolition and site preparation work to support future construction of the Mercer Corridor Improvements project.  As part of this early demolition contract, SDOT will be demolishing 8 buildings located along the north side of Mercer and the west side of Fairview, between Mercer and Valley streets.  We are currently working to shut down utility service connections to each of the buildings.  The building addresses are as follows:

  • 1120 Mercer St. (old Lincoln Towing)
  • 1123 Valley St. (old Sport Boat NW)
  • 613 Fairview Ave. N. (old Pong building)
  • 1104 Mercer St. (old Taco Del Mar)
  • 601 Boren Ave. N (old Shell station)
  • 1000 Mercer St. (old West Marine)
  • 800/816 Mercer St. (located at Mercer and Broad St.)
  • 601 Westlake Ave. N. (parking garage at McKay site)

In addition, as part of site preparation for a newly widened Mercer St., we will be installing preload material over 2 blocks on the north side of Mercer, between Fairview and Terry Ave.  This will involve the temporary installation of a 5 ft. ecology block wall along the back of sidewalk to support approx. 5 ft. of soil to be temporarily placed over the area.  The purpose of the preload activities is to compact the area prior to roadway construction in efforts to alleviate the potential for future damage to pavement and/or other facilities due to settlement.

We anticipate advertising for bids for this demolition work on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2009, with a contract award expected early January 2010.  We expect physical building abatement and demolition work to begin in late January or early February 2010, with the demolition and site preparation activities taking approximately 3-5 months to complete.

Further information about the Mercer Corridor Improvements project can be found herein.

If you have any comments or questions about this upcoming work, please submit here. We look forward to your continued support of the project.

Angela Brady, PE, PMP
Mercer Corridor Project Manager


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