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5 Easy Steps to Starting Your Own Walking Group!

  • Identify!

Do you have a group of friends, a church, a senior center, or a lunch group, that already meets? Start a walking group based around that.

  • Organize!

Plan a group meeting. Include a healthy snack to motivate people to come. Explain the health benefits of walking, and help your group decide these details:

  • Plan!

Where? Decide on a good starting point, walking route, and ending point. Think about scenery, fun destinations, good sidewalks, minimal traffic.

When? Pick a time, day of the week, and date for your first walk.

Who? Is there anyone else you can include? More friends to ask? Other groups in the area that might want to join?

  • Advertise!

Create posters or flyers about your walk, including the important details about time, date, place, contact information. Put up the posters wherever you see people congregating (coffee shops, libraries, etc). Spread the word; have each person bring someone they know on the first day.

  • Get Started!

You’re the team captain, the ‘group motivator.’ Show up on time and greet the walkers. Let people stretch if they want to. At the start of the walk, set an ending time so you can meet up afterward if you get separated. During the walk, be aware of different abilities and allow time for resting if needed. You may end up dividing into a ‘faster’ group and ‘slower’ group. Make sure each person has at least one buddy to walk with. Encourage, and remind people what a good thing they are doing for themselves!

Want help? Sound Steps can help you start a walking group in your neighborhood. Contact Mari Becker at (206) 684-4664,


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