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Pedestrian Master Plan


Since 2003, the City has launched a number of initiatives that provide the foundation to make the Pedestrian Master Plan a success, including:

  • Updates to the Comprehensive Plan policies on walking, bicycling, and transit to make Seattle a more walkable city
  • The launch of the Mayor’s 10 Point Plan for Pedestrian Safety in 2005
  • Updates to the Transportation Strategic Plan and citywide Transit Plan to define actions that will make Seattle more pedestrian-friendly and transit-supportive
  • Adoption of a Climate Action Plan that describes strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing Seattles dependence on automobiles
  • Development of new street design guidelines in the Right-of-Way Improvements Manual
  • Creation of a new SDOT Art Plan that defines how use of public art can enrich Seattle’s streets and sidewalks
  • Completion of SDOT’s first Urban Forest Management Plan
  • Completion of a Bicycle Master Plan that defines the projects and programs needed to create a citywide bicycle network over the next decade
  • Voter approval of the Bridging the Gap transportation funding package that will significantly increase the resources for pedestrian and bicycle improvements
  • Adoption of a “Complete Streets” ordinance that directs the City to build transportation projects that support and encourage walking, bicycling, and transit use while promoting safe operations for all users
  • Development of the Mayor’s Race and Social Justice Initiative to make the distribution of transportation investments as equitable as possible to best serve all of Seattle’s citizens.

Additionally, Mayor Nickels and the City Council made Pedestrian Safety their top priority for 2007 and adopted Resolution 30951 to outline the key components of the Pedestrian Master Plan and the Pedestrian Safety Education and Enforcement Campaign. With all of these initiatives in place, the time has never been better to launch Seattle’s Pedestrian Master Plan—a project that will define the steps needed to make Seattle a more walkable, livable, and healthy city.


Contact Jennifer Wieland with your questions about the Pedestrian Master Plan.


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