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Play Streets: Nuts & Bolts

I want a play street! How can I get one?

To get started, you’ll need to complete a simple (and free!) application to help us understand how often you want to host a play street and what types of activities you’re planning.

What can you do in a play street?

What *can’t* you do in a play street? Think of a play street as an extension of all the front yards on your block. You can play hopscotch or 4-square, have a dance party, do yoga, have 3-legged races, bounce a ball, skate, scoot, walk, roll, bike, and run. The options are limitless.

How often does a play street happen?

The frequency depends on the location and your needs and interests. A school might choose to have a play street every day from August to October, and a neighborhood group might choose to have a play street just once a month. It’s up to you!

How are play streets created?

Safety is our first priority. To ensure that the street closure is safe for all, we carefully review all play streets requests to determine if the street meets a few simple criteria: 

  1. The play street should be no more than one block long.
  2. The street should be a non-arterial street (click here to learn your street classification).
  3. There must be clear visibility from each intersection.
  4. The play street must have neighborhood support.

How do I keep cars out of my approved play street?

You will need to use a barricade—either formal or informal—to discourage traffic on your play street. We’ve created a simple graphic that shows you the best way to set up the barricades.

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