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Phinney Ave N / Fremont Ave N / N 50th Street Arterial Improvements Project

July 5, 2006

Project Information (PDF format)

Project Update:

This project has been completed, thank you for your patience during our construction!

In the coming months, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will be making much needed improvements on Phinney Avenue N from N 50th Street to N 73rd Street, on Fremont Avenue N between N 46th Street and N 50th Street, and on N 50th Street from Latona Ave N to Phinney Ave N. In keeping with Mayor Nickels' transportation goals, this project helps "get Seattle moving" and promotes neighborhood safety.

What will be done and what will be the benefits?

    Construction of curb bulbs at four heavily-used crosswalks will make crossing the street safer by shortening the distance from curb to curb.
  • Construction of curb bulbs on Phinney Ave N at N 53rd and N 55th Streets in front of the Woodland Park Zoo and the Norse Home, at N 58th and at N 60th will make the crosswalks safer by reducing the crossing distance. These will be enhanced with landscaping where possible.
  • Installation of over 100 retrofitted or new curb ramps that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act will make the curbs safer for both wheel chairs and people with impaired vision.
  • Traffic signal improvements will be installed on Phinney Avenue N, Fremont Avenue N, and N 50th Street from Latona Avenue N to Phinney Avenue N and at the intersection of 46th and Greenlake Way N. This will link the intersections to the city-wide control system improving emergency vehicle response time, and reducing travel time and congestion in the N 50th Street corridor. The corridor will also be reconfigured to provide safer left turn movements.
  • Resurfacing Phinney Ave N from N 50 to N 73rd Streets will extend the useful life of the roadway while providing a smoother street for all modes of travel.

Upcoming construction schedule:

  • Construction began in mid-June and, weather permitting, will end by late February, 2006.

What to expect during construction:

    Fiber optics will be installed that will allow the City's Transportation Management Center to monitor and better control traffic flow through the area.
  • Temporary loss of curb-side parking
  • Very temporary loss of driveway access
  • Noise which will be monitored to be within legally acceptable levels
  • Fumes and dust may occur very briefly during the asphalt paving process

Where did these plans originate?
This project incorporates elements of the Phinney and Wallingford Neighborhood Plans and is part of SDOT's Transportation Strategic Plan that promotes making the best use of streets, making the most of transportation investments, and improving safety while also encouraging walking and biking.

Project information and updates:

  • Available on signs located on Phinney Ave N at N 50th Street and at N 67th Street.
  • Via e-mail construction advisory messages; you may sign up for these messages here or contact Peg Nielsen who will add you to the list.

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