Permit Renewal, Extensions, and Decision Review

Please Note:

The Street Use Permit Counter will be closed from Friday, February 16 at 12 PM to Tuesday, February 20 at 10:30 AM. 

We are currently renovating our permit counter lobby to add a new dedicated cashiering station. By having separate payment and review counters, our services will be streamlined, which means reduced wait times when visiting our permit counter.

Renovations have already begun, but in order to put the finishing touches on the new area, we will be closing access to our permit counter at 12 PM on Friday, February 16. We will reopen at 10:30 AM on Tuesday, February 20; however, the cashiering station will not open at this time. The cashiering station is expected to open by the end of March 2018.

We will post updates regarding the opening date of the cashiering station on this page soon. Please check back for more information.

On Friday, February 16, the permit counter schedule will be:

8 AM - permit counter opens

11 AM - deadline for customer sign in

11:30 AM - deadline for processing customer payments

12 PM - counter closes for remainder of day

If you have any questions, please contact or call (206) 684-5253.

In Addition:

Due to a high volume of permit applications and significant staff transitions, we are currently experiencing longer permit counter wait times and permit application review timelines. Please plan your trip to the permit counter and project timelines accordingly.

Permit Counter Wait Times (may vary with number of visitors)
           Construction use: 40-60 minutes
           Minor utility: 20-40 minutes

Permit Review Timelines (may vary with permit complexity)
           Arterial streets / construction hubs: 8-10 weeks
           Non-arterial streets:  6-8 weeks
           Modification requests: 4-6 weeks

(Note: Individual status inquiries may not be responded to if the permit review time has not exceeded the timelines listed above.)

What We Do

In some situations, you may be interested in altering the terms of your permit. We have paths to help you get where you need to be! Read on to learn more.

Renew, Extend, or Modify Your Issued Permit

During construction, you may need to modify your schedule, scope of work, or plans. Modification requests need to be submitted with a permit modification application and plans. All changes must be approved and the permit must be re-issued before work may continue. To modify your current construction use or utility permit, download our construction use permit modification form or our utility permit modification form. If you're extending your utility permit, please click here to access our Street Use Online Webform. Please visit our Permit Fees and Costs page for more information on paying permit fees.

If you are applying for a public space permit, you may renew your permit. All other permit types may not be renewed. Permits may be renewed either by emailing or by visiting the Street Use permit counter. Please send all utility-permit-related inquiries or submissions to

To renew or extend a permit, please provide the following:

  • Permit number
  • Duration
  • Square footage
  • Indicate if the space has been vacated for 10 or more
  • Days (must be verified by SDOT Street Use Inspector)
  • Current Site Plan
  • Current Traffic Control Plan (if conditions have changed)
  • Start date

Please note: Work is not to begin until the permit is paid for and SDOT has notified you of its approval.

Request review of an application decision or resolve a permitting disagreement

SDOT is committed to continuously improving our customer service and responsiveness. We strive for quick solutions that promptly address any disagreements to reduce correction requests, enhance follow-through on agreements, and improve both plan and inspection quality and consistency.

You may request a review of the decision to approve, modify, or deny your application within 10 calendar days of the decision (SMC 15.04.112). You also may request to speak with a staff member regarding either a production or process related issue; how a policy or technical issue affects a specific project; or about an interpretation of a code, rule, or policy issue. You may ask the supervisor of the staff person assigned to your permitting issue to review the situation. The same would apply if you find you have a disagreement on an accounting or billing issue.

If you do request a review, please include the following:

  • The decision for which review or reconsideration is requested
  • The grounds for objecting to the decision based on City standards
  • The specific remedy being proposed

The supervisor will talk with you about your concern or disagreement and review the circumstances with you and the assigned staff. After appropriate consideration, the supervisor will provide a verbal answer. The supervisor will inform you of the expected time frame if the issue takes longer to resolve than expected.

At all levels, our staff members are here to help you with any step of the permitting process. If working with a supervisor does not resolve the conflict to the extent that you’re interested in, we will direct you to a higher manager to see if the conflict can be resolved with their help.

Contact A Supervisor

The first step you should take in resolving your conflict is talking to the supervisor related to the area you are permitted in. They are experts in process or service-level questions, and will work with you to get the situation resolved. For best results, send your request by email.

Right of Way Management Supervisors:

Public Space Permitting – Isaac Conlen,, (206) 233-7186

Construction Use Permitting, Simple Utility Permitting, and Storage Container and Annual Truck Permits – Kris Beaton,, (206) 386-1092

Council-Approved Term Permits – Beverly Barnett,, (206) 684-7564

Right of Way Operations Supervisors:

Major Permit Applications (Street Improvement or Utility Major) - Permitting Review/Issuance Process, and Appointments: Sean Robertson,, (206) 386-4063

Major Permit Inspections (Street Improvement or Utility Major) - Shoring/Geotechnical Reviews, and Appointments: William Bou,, (206) 684-9250

District Inspections: Roxanne Thomas,, (206) 233-9773

Urban Forestry Supervisors:

Urban Forestry Plan Review and Appointments: Shane Dewald,, (206) 684-5041

Urban Forestry Arborist Review: Nolan Rundquist,, (206) 615-0957

Accounting Supervisors:

Accounts Receivable and Billing: Heidi Strunk, 206-684-8072

Contact A Manager

If the supervisor’s decision is one you disagree with, or you feel their decision does not correctly apply to your project, we will work with you to direct the situation to a manager for further review. The manager will tell you if extra work will be needed. They will involve the assigned staff and supervisor to gain full understanding of the situation and inform them of the final resolution.

Resolution of the disputed issue should be sought in writing, either via mail or email. If sending your letter by mail, please send c/o Seattle Department Of Transportation, 700 5th Ave, Suite 2300, PO Box 34019, Seattle, WA, 98124 or via email to the appropriate address as directed by your supervisor.

Contact the Division Director

Our division director is here to assist if you are not satisfied with the quality of service you have received. The manager you work with will be able to guide you in receiving assistance from the director.