Carpool Permits

Carpooling lets you share the ride and the cost, and helps to reduce congestion and greenhouse gases. Thank you for sharing the ride! This quarterly permit allows carpools and vanpools to park on street in these designated areas.

How to get a Carpool or Vanpool Parking Permit.

How much does it cost?


Areas D, L, P and S (Central Business District) (quarterly) $600
Areas Q, H, Y and F (quarterly) $300


Location 2017 2018 2019
Areas D, L, P and S (Central Business District) (quarterly) $200 $400 $600
Areas Q, H, Y and F (quarterly) $100 $200 $300

Available Spaces

Area Spaces available
AD - Denny Regrade 14
F – Fauntleroy 10
H - Hubbell 2
L - Lenora 3
P – Parking I-5 26
Q – Queen Anne 4
S - Spring 20
Y - Yesler 0

For Off-Street Carpool Parking:

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) certifies carpools for the off-street garages listed below.

Buildings/Garages Address Contact Phone
1000 2nd Avenue 1000 2nd Avenue (206) 306-5100
3131 Elliott 1000 2nd Avenue (206) 306-5100
520 Pike Tower 520 Pike Street (206) 623-2727 ext. 238
600 Broadway 600 Broadway (206) 386-2230
720 Olive Way 720 Olive Way (206) 786-8920
800 5th Avenue 800 5th Avenue (206) 839-8442
Columbia Center 701 5th Avenue (877) 876-2927
Blanchard Plaza 2201 6th Avenue (206) 979-0656
Century Square 1501 4th Avenue (206) 223-4070
City Centre/US Bank Center 1420 5th Avenue (206) 223-4070
Freeway Park Garage 1300 Hubble Place (206) 694-5020
Met Park West 1100 Olive Way (206) 381-1789
Met Park East 1730 Minor Avenue (877) 876-2927
Met Park North 1200 Howell Street (206) 215-2149
Seapark Garage 609 6th Ave (206) 628-9042
Seattle Municipal Tower 700 5th Avenue (206) 628-9042
Second and Seneca 1191 2nd Avenue (206) 381-1250
1201 3rd Avenue 1201 3rd Avenue (206) 805-6034
Westlake Center 1601 5th Avenue (206) 682-1854

Note: Contact numbers change; we update as often as possible, but if a number is incorrect, we suggest you check the internet for the garage (Parkopedia and ParkMe are good resources).

To Apply:

Contact the desired garage for rates and availability. If there is space, please fill out the form (link below) and email it to Once your carpool has been certified, we will provide you a letter confirming your carpool status for you to take to the garage. You will arrange payment and access directly with them.

Download Application and Renewal Form Here

Annual Recertification:

SDOT is required to periodically recertify your carpool. We will email the forms to you at the annual recertification time.

Other Carpool Options: Many other garages that are not part of the city’s carpool program provide special carpool rates and accommodations – we encourage you to check with the garage of your choice to inquire about their carpool options.