Park(ing) Day Permits

PARK(ing) Day is an annual event that allows Seattleites to create temporary parks in on-street parking spaces. Typically, it is held on third Friday in September. Typically, it is held on third Friday in September. Learn more about the PARK(ing) Day program by clicking here

Apply for a PARK(ing) Day Permit

To get started planning your PARK(ing) Day project, check out our PARK(ing) Day Guidelines. This document lays out the application process and requirements for the event. Use it as a resource for getting your project started.

PARK(ing) Day applications are now closed.

But don’t despair; you can still participate! Once we sort through all the great ideas, we will post a map of Seattle PARK(ing) Day activities to take place on September 15th – so stay tuned!

To apply for PARK(ing) Day, you’ll need three items:

  1. A completed application form. Include your parking space number, found on the round metal plate bolted to the sidewalk, if available. In an area with unpaid parking, describe as accurately as you can the location of your installation (e.g., block or cross streets).
  2. A basic hand- or computer-drawn site plan showing the layout of your project. This site plan can either be drawn directly on the application form or can be submitted as a separate document.
  3. Proof of neighbor notification. This documentation can take the form of a note, email, flyer, or outreach log with a description of who you sent it to.

You also will need to arrange for “No Parking” easels. “No Parking” easels are required to reserve parking spaces and must be placed 72 hours before you want to use the spaces. Learn more about temporary no parking permits.

You may submit your completed application to Kadie Bell Sata at