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Vision of the Pedestrian Master Plan Advisory Group

We want Seattle to become a “walking city.” People will walk in ever increasing numbers. We will want to walk; we will walk safely and with pleasure; we will walk for whatever reasons and at whatever times we choose. In Seattle, walking will be a way of life. Our Pedestrian Master Plan elaborates this vision, and gets us going toward its fulfillment.

The plan:

  • cites the best of what Seattle has done thus far and encourages a continuing sense of pride in accomplishment;
  • demands respect and safety for pedestrians;
  • requires that pedestrian connections be made to and among parks, shops, civic spaces, work spaces, and other land uses;
  • encourages people to walk, for their own benefit, for the life of the City, and for the good of the natural environment;
  • obligates all branches and sectors of City government to conduct their work with reference to the vision; and
  • names the public and private investments that will be necessary.

PMPAG Members
PMPAG Members, January 2009

We have derived our vision and developed our plan from what we know about the conditions that are essential for human health, a just society, and a sustainable world. We have tested what we know through serious conversations with fellow citizens and affected groups. Our claims are in accord with the best of objective and critical analysis. We speak from our own experiences, our own passions, and our own commitments. What we present here is both optimistic and realistic: it states boldly what the fully achieved vision will require, and it identifies reasonable and feasible ways to begin.

We expect every agent of change in Seattle to participate in the Master Plan’s implementation.

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