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Walking in Seattle Today

The character, quality, and connectivity of the pedestrian network vary greatly throughout the city. In some neighborhoods, Seattle has achieved a high level of walkability. Neighborhoods such as Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Wallingford, Columbia City, and Ballard have a commercial core that serves as a hub of activity and is easily accessible on foot. And yet, these accomplishments do not extend to all of Seattle’s neighborhoods, many of which have streets lacking sidewalks, curb ramps, and other pedestrian infrastructure.

Walking conditions along and across streets with high traffic volumes are challenging, especially in locations that have long blocks and more suburban-scaled land uses . Free-flowing on-ramps and off-ramps for highways and major arterial roads can make pedestrian access difficult in some areas.

Physical characteristics that are more automobile-oriented often result in difficult conditions for pedestrians, poor access to transit, lack of destinations and services within walking distance to residences, and other issues that make walking a less viable mode of transportation. The pedestrian environment in Seattle is also shaped by things like parks, civic land uses, the availability of transit, and private development along roads.

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Walking in Seattle Today
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