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Issue Papers

A sidewalk being repairedThe Pedestrian Master Plan Advisory Group (PMPAG) helped the project team to identify a number of common issues related to pedestrians in Seattle. Based on these issues, the consultant team conducted an in-depth review of the following nine areas:

The issue papers were used throughout plan development to identify elements for the Pedestrian Toolbox, design standards and guidelines inconsistent with policy, national best practices, and plan recommendations. The recommendations range from revisions to existing policies and standards to the development of new standards and plans.

To develop the issue papers, the consultant team reviewed the following Seattle-specific documents:

  • Seattle Comprehensive Plan
  • Transportation Strategic Plan
  • Seattle Municipal Code and City Ordinances
  • Director's Rules
  • Client Assistance Memos
  • Right-of-Way Improvements Manual
  • 2008 Seattle Standard Details and Specifications
  • Neighborhood Design Guidelines

National documents reviewed include:

  • Federal Highway Administration materials
  • Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  • Other cities' codes, plans, and guidelines

Additional information was gathered from:

  • Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) staff
  • PMPAG interviews
  • Pedestrian Master Plan Inter-agency Team
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