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Using the Plan

The Pedestrian Master Plan coordinates resources and provides information about pedestrian-related projects, pedestrian concerns, neighborhood resources, and important tools to get more people walking in Seattle. Because the plan is web-based, it gives everyone direct access to policies, programs, and project information that influence the pedestrian environment. The Pedestrian Master Plan is designed for use by a wide range of organizations and individuals, including City staff, employees of other public agencies, private developers and contractors, community and neighborhood organizations, and individuals.

Program and project managers—whether in the public or private sector—can use the plan to coordinate efforts and leverage resources, to prioritize implementation of projects, to research design standards, to develop annual work plans, to gather information on policies and tools to improve the pedestrian environment, and to monitor implementation progress of the Pedestrian Master Plan.

Community and neighborhood organizations and individuals can use the plan to assist in identifying community-based projects and priorities, to understand City practices and policies, and to learn about available resources. Additionally, the Pedestrian Master Plan is a valuable resource for neighborhood planning, whether a neighborhood is updating its plan or evaluating a status report.

The plan covers a wide range of topics related to walking in Seattle. The Pedestrian Toolbox includes hundreds of techniques and strategies that can be used to address common pedestrian issues; Existing Pedestrian Policies includes links to issue papers about construction/work zones, intersection design, lighting, maintenance, speed and signage, and streetscape elements; Policy and Program Recommendations and Project Recommendations provide direction for all City departments; and Performance Monitoring and Stewardship offers guidelines for measuring the progress of the plan. In short, if you want it, the plan’s got it!

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