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Using the Information

Pedestrians crossing intersectionThe City is using the High Priority Areas Map to inform the prioritization of a range of pedestrian improvements such as sidewalks, curb ramps, and crosswalks. By incorporating potential pedestrian demand, the City is fostering vibrant neighborhoods. By incorporating socioeconomic and health data, it is pursuing an equitable and targeted investment strategy, and by incorporating street type information, the City is focusing on the streets that provide important links in the pedestrian network.

The maps and data can help the City identify the order in which projects should be completed. For example, by overlaying the highest scoring improvement opportunities Along the Roadway and Across the Roadway with the High Priority Areas, City programs have a near-term list of projects. Use the links below to view the maps and project lists.

Additionally, the City can use this information to pursue future funding opportunities or to make focused and effective decisions if funding unexpectedly becomes available and projects need to be identified quickly. Detailed project information is equally valuable in times when budgets are constrained, as the City is asked to do more with less. As new data become available, they can be incorporated into the framework for prioritizing projects identified in this plan.

Top Scoring Across the Roadway Opportunities in High Priority Areas
The projects represented are approximately 20% of the Across the Roadway projects within the High Priority Areas. The improvements recommended at each location vary, and additional field analysis is needed in many cases.

Project List

Top Scoring Along the Roadway Opportunities in High Priority Areas
The projects represented are approximately 20% of the Along the Roadway projects within the High Priority Areas. All of the project locations are missing a sidewalk.

Project List

District Council Maps

To see a map of the top improvement opportunities, both Along and Across the Roadway, in your district council area, click on the link below.


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