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Equity MapThe Equity Map highlights locations in the city where the ability to walk is especially important. These locations are shown as the darker purple color on the map. The map highlights areas where income levels and the rate of automobile ownership are lower and the rate of the population with a disability is higher than in other areas of the city. It incorporates health characteristics that are related to walking such as the rate of diabetes and obesity. The map also accounts for areas where physical activity rates are lower.

The following socioeconomic and health factors were combined, with each factor receiving an equal point value in the analysis. Click on each item to see a map of the distribution throughout Seattle.

The City is prioritizing pedestrian improvements in these areas, as they may have been traditionally underserved or may have a greater need for pedestrian facilities such as sidewalks and curb ramps due to a reliance on non-motorized transportation. These improvements will make walking a more accessible mode of travel while eliminating potential barriers.

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