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Early Implementation

Early implementation actions are those projects, programs, and policy changes that have been implemented since the Pedestrian Master Plan effort began. The actions below represent only a small portion of the improvements that were made in 2008 and are planned for 2009.


Crosswalk “stings”

  • 2008: 2 deployments at 3 locations each
  • 2009: 3 deployments at 3 locations each (10 total deployments scheduled)

Speed vans

  • 2008: pilot
  • 2009: deployment at school zones, 25-30 times

School zone beacons

  • 2008: 3 new locations


School-based education programs (for 2nd grade students)

  • 4 schools: Arbor Heights, Bailey Gatzert, Broadview Thomson, Dunlap

Safe routes to school program

  • 7 schools

Public safety campaign framework plan


Pedestrian wayfinding signs and kiosks 

  • 7 Center City kiosks
  • 60 wayfinding directional signs
  • Cheshiahud Loop Trail
  • West Seattle Trails Map (Feet First)

Construction zone access improvements


Crossing with flag

Crossing flags program

  • Evaluation of 2008 program underway

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors (KAB) survey

  • Research on driver and pedestrian behaviors to inform a public safety campaign (preliminary results available here)


2008 Projects

  • Blocks of sidewalk constructed: 29 block equivalents (330 feet =1 block equivalent)
  • Curb ramps installed: 340
  • In-pavement flashers installed: 6
  • Pedestrian countdown signals installed: 27
  • Crosswalks re-marked: 1082
  • Road diets completed: 3 corridors (Stone Way, Eastlake Ave, College Way N)
  • Radar speed signs installed: 14 (2007-2008)
  • Crossing flags installed: 17 locations
  • Pedestrian half signals installed: 6
  • Median islands installed: 3
  • Overhead illuminated crosswalk signs installed: 8
  • Signing and channelization improvements: 4

Planned 2009 Projects

  • Blocks of sidewalk: 25 block equivalents (330 feet =1 block equivalent)
  • NSF projects: 15 (6 new sidewalk projects; 9 sidewalk repair, lighting projects)
  • Pedestrian countdown signals: 40 intersections
  • All-way walk signals: 2 intersections
  • Crosswalk beacons: 4
  • Crosswalks and stop bars re-marked: 700
  • Locations with improved signage: 65 (including school zones)
  • Curb bulbs and median islands: 6
  • Safe Routes to School improvements: 6 schools
  • Stairways rehabilitated: 4
  • Trees planted: 800


  • Stop bars now regularly striped with all new marked crosswalks and all crosswalk re-striping
  • New walkway standard plans developed to be added to the 2010 city standards update
  • Complete Streets policy revised to address parking removal at intersection approaches to improve intersection visibility
  • Regular inter-departmental coordination meetings instituted


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