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(master use permits, right-of-way improvement permits, street use permits)

In general, projects in Seattle that involve new or changed uses of property or the construction or alteration of a building--even if the alterations cant be seen from the outside-- require a permit from the Citys Department of Planning and Development (DPD).

In addition, SDOT Street Use has over 60 types of permits for use, occupation, and construction in the right-of-way. Street improvement permits include the installation of major improvements such as street paving, curbs, and sidewalks that result from private property development such as a multifamily building. Included in the permit are utilities to serve the development. This type of permit can also be issued for communities that want to improve the facilities in their neighborhood. Whenever development occurs under the DPD Land Use Code there may be requirements for improvements in the right-of-way. These improvements must meet SDOT design criteria.

Property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks adjacent to their property. They must ensure that snow, ice, and debris do not pose a hazard to pedestrians. They must also repair cracks and other damage to the sidewalk. The property owner of record is notified by the district Street Use inspector of the repairs or action needed. As a property owner, if you want to repair the sidewalk in front of your property, you must first apply for a sidewalk permit. Click here for more information.

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