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Land Use Code: Development Regulations

(defines requirements for: transparency, weather protection, sidewalks and sidewalk width, landscaping, Green Factor, FAR, setbacks, mandated improvements)

The City of Seattle Land Use Code requires that streets adjacent and leading to lots being created, developed, or redeveloped, be improved or brought up to the minimum conditions specified in the Land Use Code and the Right-of-Way Improvements Manual.

The street improvement requirements vary by location, by land use zones and by street types to reflect the intensity of development, the scale and character of the zone, and to provide a balance between the need to accommodate vehicular and pedestrian traffic and the desire to preserve existing neighborhood character. In addition to the requirements for street and alley improvements contained in the Land Use Code, additional street and alley improvements may be required through the environmental review process. All required street improvements are to be constructed by the developer and accepted by the Transportation Department prior to issuance of the final Certificate of Occupancy. Click here for information about Green Factor.

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