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Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is based upon a vision of the City organized around compact, mixed-use, and walkable urban villages, activity nodes of different sizes and scales ranging from neighborhood-sized commercial districts to much-larger destination centers such as Northgate. The Comprehensive Plan envisions a city of diminishing dependency upon the single-occupancy vehicle (SOV) where residents and visitors are heavy transits riders and where walking and biking constitute a growing number of personal and commute trips. Click here to link to Seattles Comprehensive Plan.

City of Seattle Comprehensive PlanKey Pedestrian Streets Designation: Under the Comprehensive Plan, neighborhood plans can designate Key Pedestrian Streets within the highest density portions of urban villages and along logical connections between villages (see the Seattle Comprehensive Plans Transportation Element, Policy T46). A Key Pedestrian Street designation can help a communitys chances of getting the improvements it wants by directing decisions about street improvements when opportunities for such improvements arise. The Key Pedestrian Street designation means that a high priority will be placed on designing streets to be attractive for pedestrians, improving access to transit, and encouraging street level activity.

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