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Business Improvement Areas

The City of Seattles Office of Economic Development supports current and forming Business Improvement Areas (BIAs). A BIA provides a source to fund improvements in neighborhood business districts by assessing property and/or business owners who benefit from the improvements. BIA funds can be used for services such as parking, joint marketing, cleanup and maintenance, security, special events, beautification, and management and administration. The City contracts with an agency to manage each BIA and each BIA has a ratepayers advisory board. The City collects the assessments and reimburses the Agency for BIA expenses.

Current BIAs are Broadway/Capitol Hill, West Seattle, International District/Chinatown, Pioneer Square, University District, and the Downtown Seattle Association. City of Seattle Council Resolution 29706 lays out the City of Seattles policy to encourage and support the establishment of BIAs. Washington State RCW Chapter 35.87A Parking and Business Improvement Areas is the state statue allowing BIAs.

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