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Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to SchoolSafe Routes to School (SRTS) programs aim to make walking and bicycling to school a safe and appealing form of transportation. Federal legislation and funding currently exist to support SRTS efforts, but these funds alone cannot meet all the needs of communities across the United States. Most programs can benefit from a mixture of local, state, federal, and private funding. Click here for more information about funding Safe Routes to School programs.

In August, 2005, the Federal-aid SRTS Program was created by Section 1404 of the federal transportation bill, SAFETEA-LU. Housed in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Safety, the SRTS Program is funded at $612 million over five Federal fiscal years (FY 2005–2009).

FHWA apportions SRTS funding annually to each State in conjunction with Federal-aid highway apportionments. For more information the Washington State SRTS program, visit State SRTS Contacts. It is the responsibility of each State to appoint a fulltime SRTS Coordinator, to develop a State SRTS program, and to disperse funds to local programs in accordance with State policies and any applicable Federal law. Although some parameters have been spelled out in the legislation, States may structure their program in ways most suitable to their needs. States may also provide their own funds.

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