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Transportation Benefit District

The State of Washington is authorized to levy a real estate excise tax on all sales of real estate, measured by the full selling price, including the amount of any liens, mortgages and other debts given to secure the purchase at a rate of 1.28 percent. RCW 82.45.060 A locally-imposed tax is also authorized. However, the rate at which it can be levied and the uses to which it may be put differs by city or county size and whether the city or county is planning under the Growth Management Act (GMA).

All cities and counties may levy a quarter percent tax (described as the first quarter percent of the real estate excise tax or REET 1). Cities and counties that are planning under GMA have the authority to levy a second quarter percent tax (REET 2). Note that this statute specifies that if a county is required to plan under GMA, or if a city is located in such a county, the tax may be levied by a vote of the legislative body. If, however, the county chooses to plan under GMA, the tax must be approved by a majority of the voters.

Click here for more information about REET in Washington.

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