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Property Tax Levy

The costs of state and local government determine how much property tax will be levied. These include operating costs of schools, city and county government, and other taxing districts such as the Port of Seattle, library, hospital, fire, and sewer districts. A large part of each property tax dollar goes to pay off bonds for such capital costs as school buildings and other public projects.

The state constitution, statutory levy limits set by the legislature and excess levies approved by the voters are used to calculate the total property tax levy. The tax rate on your property is the figure resulting from dividing the dollar amount required for the taxing district by the total value of property within the district and then adding up the rates of the various districts in which your property is located. The assessed value of your property, multiplied by the combined rate, produces a tax amount which is your fair share of the total property tax levy in your area. The King County Treasurer issues tax statements and taxes are paid to the King County Treasury Operations.

Most districts can submit propositions for additional property tax levies to a vote of the people. Excess levies must be authorized by a 60% majority of the voters. Click here for additional information about property tax levies in King County.

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