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Public Development Authorities

Public Development AuthorityPublic Development Authorities (PDAs) are unique, independent entities of Seattle government, which are legally separate from the City. This allows accomplishment of public purpose activities without assuming them into the regular functions of City government. Each PDA is governed by a volunteer council, commonly called a governing board, which sets policies and oversees activities and staff. Thus, the success or failure of a public corporation is dependent on its council's abilities. State and federal law require PDA contracts to contain language to the effect that liabilities incurred by the corporation must be satisfied exclusively from their own assets, and that no creditor or other person shall have a right of action against the City due to any debts, obligations, or liabilities of the public corporation. Contact the Department of Finance Public Development Authority Coordinator at (206) 233-0031 or click here for more information and assistance with City PDAs.

PDA Facts:

  • There are currently eight PDAs in Seattle.
  • PDAs have flexibility to get community projects done.
  • PDAs have a big impact.
  • PDAs are virtually all self-sufficient.
  • PDAs rely heavily on volunteers.
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