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Main Street Program

Main Street ProgramThe National Trust Main Street Center is a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. In the 1970s, the National Trust developed its pioneering Main Street approach to commercial district revitalization, an innovative methodology that combines historic preservation with economic development to restore prosperity and vitality to downtowns and neighborhood business districts.

Today, the message has spread, as the Center advocates a comprehensive approach that rural and urban communities alike can use to revitalize their traditional commercial areas through historic preservation and grassroots-based economic development. It has created a network of more than 40 statewide, citywide, and countywide Main Street programs with more than 1,200 active Main Street programs nationally.

The Center has led the preservation-based revitalization movement by serving as the nation's clearinghouse for information, technical assistance, research, and advocacy. Throughout the nation, communities are using the Main Street approach to revitalize their traditional commercial districts, whether they have officially designated Main Street programs or simply incorporate Main Street into existing economic development, historic preservation, city management, or urban and community planning programs. Whatever form a preservation-based revitalization initiative takes, the national network of coordinating and local Main Street programs provides action and support on all levels.

Click here for more information about the National Main Street Program.

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