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Community Fundraising Strategies

Community FundraisingCommunity fundraising and creative partnerships are plentiful. A common approach is to find creative ways to break a large project into small pieces that can be purchased by the public. Some examples are listed below, and additional examples can be found here.

  • In Jackson County, Oregon they had a Yard Sale. The Bear Creek Greenway Foundation sold symbolic yards of the trail and placed donors names on permanent markers that are located at each trailhead. At $40 a yard, they raised enough in private cash donations to help match their $690,000 Transportation Enhancements program award for the 18-mile Bear Creek trail linking Medford, Talent, Phoenix and Ashland.
  • Selling bricks for local sidewalk projects, especially those in historic areas or on downtown Main Streets, is increasingly common. Donor names are engraved in each brick, and a tremendous amount of publicity and community support is purchased along with basic construction materials. Portland, Oregons downtown Pioneer Square is a good example of such a project.
  • In Colorado Springs, the Rock Island Rail-Trail is being partly funded by the Rustic Hills Improvement Association, a group of local home-owners living adjacent to the trail. Also, ten miles of the trail was cleared of railroad ties by a local boy scout troop.

Additionally, hosting a special event, such as a walkathon or a bicycling event, might help to fund a program. You also can choose more traditional fundraising efforts, such as bake sales, concerts, or talent shows. Partnering with the local parent teacher association (PTA) or school districts could be a great way to raise funds for a school-related program.

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