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SDOT Capital Improvement Program

Bridging the GapSeattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is responsible for maintaining, upgrading, and monitoring the use of the Citys system of streets, bridges, retaining walls, seawalls, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and traffic control devices. Seattles transportation system includes 1,534 lane-miles of arterial streets and 2,412 lane-miles of non-arterial streets. The system also includes 150 bridges, 561 retaining walls, 479 stairways, and 1,000 signalized intersections in the public right-of-way that SDOT is responsible for inspecting and maintaining.

SDOTs Capital Improvement Program (CIP) outlines the Departments plan for maintaining, improving, and adding to this extensive infrastructure. A large portion of this work is funded by the Bridging the Gap transportation funding package. Other major funding sources include the Citys General and Cumulative Reserve Subfunds, state gas tax revenues, commercial parking tax revenues, employee tax revenues, federal and state grants, and partnerships with private organizations and other public agencies. SDOTs $232 million capital budget is appropriated as part of its $341 million budget.

Click here to learn more about SDOTs Capital Improvement Program.

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