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(towing, parking tickets, boots for unpaid tickets, parking scofflaw lists)

In order to improve the pedestrian environment, parking violations must be enforced and priced at a level that creates true disincentive to illegal parking. As of July 5, vehicles that have four or more overdue, unpaid parking tickets are defined as scofflaws per City ordinance #123447. For all Scofflaws:

  • Their vehicle may be immobilized ("booted") when parked on a city street.
  • Once booted, to get the vehicle released they have 48 hours to pay all parking tickets, default penalties, interest, collections agency fees, and a boot fee.
  • If they do not pay within 48 hours (excluding weekends) of being booted, the vehicle may be towed and impounded. To release the vehicle from impound, you will need to pay all fees and fines, plus tow fees, per Seattle Municipal Code.
  • If the vehicle is not claimed from impound within 15 days, it may be sold at auction to help pay your debts.

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