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Law Enforcement Methods: Warnings & Citations

A variety of law enforcement methods can help change unsafe behaviors, making walking safer and more attractive for everyone. Regardless of the method used, enforcement activities require follow-up to maintain their effectiveness. To measure the impact of an enforcement activity in a specific situation, make a quick study before and after the enforcement effort. Before-and-after studies do not have to be elaborate and can be as simple as measuring speeds or observing behaviors at crosswalks. Examine the results and decide on the next steps. If the results are positive, the method used may be enough to improve behavior. If the results indicate little change in unsafe behaviors, perhaps another method should be used. Even with initial success, communities will need to repeat enforcement efforts periodically in order to sustain improvements in drivers behaviors.

Types of warnings and citations include:

For Motorists
For Pedestrians
"Repeat Offender" Program
Progressive Ticketing
Doubling Fines in School Zones
Tickets for Right-of-Way Obstructions
Tripping Hazard Warnings


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