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Highly visible pedestrian signs guide both residents and visitors to potential destinations. Signs can be welcoming, informational, and directional and can mark destinations, facilities, crossing locations, and many other aspects of the pedestrian realm. Good signs are hard to miss and should be especially visible at dawn and dusk.

Pedestrian wayfinding signs should feature a consistent size, shape, and color scheme, making it easy for pedestrians to identify signs and recognize that they provide helpful information. The sign below, from Portland’s Pearl District, exemplifies many key elements of excellent wayfinding signs. It identifies the neighborhood in which it’s located and uses arrows to indicate directions to bookstores, theaters, gardens, and transit. In addition, the white circle in the map identifies everything within a five-minute walk from the sign itself.

Wayfinding Sign

A sign can be developed for most any aspect of the pedestrian environment, but a few of the most common types include: crosswalk signs, street signs, building and monument markings, directional signs, location signs, and trail and path markings. The sign below, again from downtown Portland, is a good example of a crosswalk sign. Not only does a highly visible sign pair with on-street markings to clearly designate the crossing, a set of solar-powered, pedestrian-activated flashing yellow lights ensure drivers are alerted to a pedestrian presence.

Ped Sign

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