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Neighborhood Events

Neighborhood events allow friends and neighbors to connect with each other, often improving their neighborhood at the same time. They encourage people who usually park in their garage and leave the neighborhood without ever stepping on their own street to get out on the sidewalk and socialize.

In support of Seattle’s Climate Action Now program, SDOT is making it easier to secure block party permits and turn neighborhood block parties into Car-Free Summer events by incorporating on-the-spot actions to reduce car trips.

In addition to block parties, pedestrian advocates can help devise and coordinate other neighborhood events to draw residents onto their neighborhood sidewalks. Sidewalk sales, festivals, concerts, picnics, parades, and noncompetitive walks and runs are some of the most successful techniques for encouraging walking; they also support local businesses, stimulate park use, and foster community spirit. Model events, such as the annual Crown of Queen Anne, combine many or even all of these events into a larger festival supporting charitable causes.

Interested residents can also initiate neighborhood clean-up days, which develop neighborhood bonds while rendering the area more pleasant for walking. For more information, see

Sample Neighborhood Events
Block Parties

Neighborhood Sidewalk Sales, Festivals, Parades, and Fun Walks/Runs:
University Village Annual Sidewalk Sale
West Seattle Summerfest
Madison Park Days
Ballard SeafoodFest
Crown of Queen Anne

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