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Informational Kiosks

Info KiosksInformational kiosks show people where they are currently located and provide information about nearby destinations. West Seattle will soon have informational kiosks in two locations, and additional kiosks are planned as funds become available.

Downtown Seattle has a wayfinding system in some locations, and new kiosks will soon be installed throughout downtown. Many people traveling downtown are unfamiliar with the transit system and don’t know the exact location of their destination. For this reason, it is important that downtown Seattle has a wayfinding system including the following features:

  • A cohesive system of directional signs, maps, and informational kiosks telling pedestrians how to travel between major regional destinations, parks, historic sites, neighborhood attractions, and transit stops
  • A color-coded and icon system to explain downtown transit circulation
  • A downtown walking map sponsored and distributed by downtown businesses

For more information, see the 2003 Center City Circulation Report.

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