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Giveaways Promotions encourage people to walk by providing a benefit related to a walk they might not normally take.

Promotions sometimes encourage walking to the site of the promotional event, but often they provide motivation for future walks, as is the case with Metro’s Adopt-a-Stop program. Walking to transit is an important piece of non-auto transportation, and free bus tickets encourage it.

Handing out walking gear—pedometers, rain gear, or walking sticks—can motivate people to walk. Giveaways should directly target desired behavior; therefore, an item that can be used while walking is ideal. Research   shows the simple pedometer—a small, inexpensive, step-counting device—is an excellent motivational tool.

Sample Promotions and Giveaways:

Pedometer giveaways and progress charting

Discounts on wheeled shopping carts  

Fee waivers for park shelters

Employee reimbursement for walking to off-site meetings

King County Metro’s “Adopt-a-Stop” Program

Way to Go, Seattle!

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